Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Truth will and must be faced relative too Slavery here and around the world-Righteous Black Justice!

The cry's of peace,  peace  in the name of love and  brotherhood will have no meaning coming from the mouths of bloodsucking vampires money changers and their Black Judas sellout pimps and hustlers who have committed nothing but total disaster all over the planet in terms of lies deceit greed selfishness-resulting in identity theft-poverty-landlessness-destruction of cultures and language loss of identity and crimes of unspeakable enslavement and Satanic actions destroying civilized societies feeling nothing for humanity-religious or International Law. Only Divine Intervention has put a temporary halt to this insane madness!  This temporary halt has come in the form of God's recognition of his authority and creation of faith in Israel-seed of Jacob and Sun-son of Simeon-Reuben and the spiritual fight he fought for the twelve houses of Israel in Black faith.  What Reuben didn't know nor was he told that the nine houses on the west side of the Jordan had sold out to the Isis forces of Egypt-Ethiopia-Rome, Vatican Spain and Portugal through the Sanhedrin Council and was fighting against the Divine Creator which included the House of Judah who wanted to take the Royal Power from Israel.  These houses became one and the same of Satan-known in the religions and secret societies around the world which came to the forefront in the late Dr Kings proclamation telling the world to leave those imposter's claiming the land in the east-set up by White Zionist-the United Nations-President Harry Truman and the United States Corporation for which Ralph Bunch was given the Noble peace prize.  The whole thing was a sham-a deadly game-known to Isis by way of Le'gon- Jim Brown-Elijah  Mohammad  Dr King Mr Sanford Alexander of the Herald Dispatch weekly newspaper here in Los Angeles and many other participant's! It was a massive plot to commit God killing-do away with prophecy and eliminate the payment of     'Restitution-Land and reparations under International Law!  Reuben's action cause them to fail giving the I Am-of Black Israel the Glory!  Action taken Among others relative to Civil Rights was 'Watts-Kings High Way-Unveiling and dethroning of Isis-exposing of identity theft as imposter's and owners of Black Land in the east.  Defeat of Israel in 1968 and the One Day War!' ending in the Book of Life-as oppose to the Book of the Dead and the Tarot cards of Egypt-Ethiopia and the Vatican.  The Sephardim of Spain and Portugal- The Aryan Ashkenazim of China, Russia and America.  All these folk and countries waxed fat as a result of the international slave trade.  Reuben was to have become their Jesus-"Lest We forget" the Ukraine-all of Europe, South and Central America, The eastern Arab countries along with the Corporation of the United States of America.! The problem I have with the So-called leaders of Black America and Caribbean Diaspora to say nothing about the Land of the Black Continent is that they are allowing themselves to be put in a position to fight and kill one another for crumbs and acceptance by the same folk who have been killing and slaughtering them and their Ancestors. We their descendants! ...a people who have been plundered and decimated  beyond any debate or question suffer from overwhelming facts of genocide!  Who in the hell are you so-called leaders representing with your talk and in- action?  The crime against humanity(Black Folk)  continue while you have your hands in the cookie jar -studying the effects of what is the obvious( these blood sucking vampire sissies must pay-including these Black Judas sellouts. This is no joke and if you think it is-go talk to some of the survivors of Hitlers Nazi concentration camps.  Women today who weren't even in those camps are having baby's with uncontrollable shakes as a results of their linage experience as a people and are receiving compensation under international law-while you claim freedom under Civil Rights and acceptance -Black folk have to deal with death forms of economics education politics government folly and mis management -Black pretending do-gooders with nothing no the brain claiming Justice for all.  Admit you need help or some body with brains to take action for a people in need-for starters-Sir Hillary Beckles and company and a Man who have been in the forefront of real justice and International Law for a long time, one of Sir Hillary Beckles Homies, Lord Anthony Gifford, British Queens Counsel and Jamaican Attorney-at Law. Time is Late-Next Divine Intervention...Total Tsunami Destruction-no trick-no game!  Reuben seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon from the Kings High Way-Door of life ! Reparation-Land-Restitution (C) 10/27/2014     Reuben Beckles

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why the problems concerning blacks-in peticular Slaves of America relative to solution?

The solution of Black folk as slaves in America, does not rest in the mind set and knowledge out side of black folk but from within.  The journey to these shores of America was not of his own doing or willingness. They didn't place themselves in chains and shackle destroy their culture-families and language- only to be destroyed and humiliated beyond all conception placed on a land mass not theirs.  Worked for nothing then told you're free -you never had it so good.  You grow and multiply beyond anyone wild imagination because by now you're suppose to be dead! but-you're alive with experience-knowledge and wisdom-hated by the slave masters creating funny money and others ie; Judas the wolf in sheep clothing!  White created bloodsucking monsters and their Black Judas pimps using every method at hand to keep the slaves blind deaf and dumb on the plantation thinking they have arrived in the melting pot of integration among pigs-snakes monkeys and human slime bags with glorified titles  who fill the air waves  with we've come along way-but there's still more to be done meaning ...give them more time to destroy those with the last true meaning and evidence of slavery history and cost!  When Whites have a problem Blacks on the payroll step in with solutions all over the place-even when they're told by Lincoln and others-the Klan and poor white folk you're not wanted -(Go Home!)...Judas and other sellouts come back with Mas'sa) we all brothers!  Mas'sa replies( please niggas-here's some money go to the store  get me some tobacco- take your time I'll go in and talk to the wife !  He's still talking to the wives creating his children as black folk promote jobs brotherhood  and equality in a system promoting Black death in Identity theft and White Supremacy! Still the air wave are filled with talk about democracy justice and equality for all by both White and Black-so-called leadership!  What kind of non sense is this? I maintain the solution is simple ...Land -Reparations-Separation!  The Land represents Land from whence Blacks were taken!  No debate-No Hassle! Now here's the problem-it's not that Black leadership is not aware of the solutions-it's because they are the problem and have been going along with this game playing too long, it's a part of their DNA - mind set. They hate God cause they've been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and are part of the problem  land and people they gave up-knowing they must pay the price to Justice and Karma-with their lives and souls.  Truth is yours truly Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun -Son of Simeon House of Israel was to have been sacrificed for the so-called brotherhood of equality-but God of the I Am, original Creator, stepped in Divine Intervention-Black spirit opened the door to life and the Land-said, no to the courts-Reuben is not yours to Judge-No debate-No Hassle-No game!  The organization,the world is aware of the Divine Judgment which is why they're creating  one pot hole of quick sand after the other looking for a hiding place-finding none but Reparations-Restitution Back to the Land of the Blacks, ( Separation, it's simple ...with compounded Interest Blacks can create their own destiny relative to free slave labor never paid!  Listening to current leadership is a complete waste of time as they will talk but do nothing in concert with the Constitution-Reuben took an Action without them and their arrogance !  You too have a choice-be honest-be for real...Black is Beautiful! Let the phonies challenge the truth of my actions-Watts-Door of Life -Kings High Way-One Day War 1968" Divine Intervention-The true destruction of what is called' Jews of White Israel' in the unveiling of Isis and her dethroning. Isis was never a part of' Black Israel!' Check Greece-Vatican-Rome Egypt-Ethiopia Morocco and others trying to claim God's Creation in the Faith of Abraham Isaac Jacob! The Action of yours truly Reuben Seed of Jacob-by way of the' Herald Dispatch Weekly News paper in Los Angeles, Owner Publisher' Sanford Alexander-'...let us not forget The Sanhedrin Council' the Aliyah-Rapture (C)  Reuben 10/23/2014                        Reuben Beckles 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Confused Slaves still exploited By Black Samaritans who are the real rulers behind caucasians white supremacy rule and European blood sucking vampires-rule of 666,000 years ended in Chaos of Sixties!

Black Samaritan Ruler Ship of 666,000 years ended during the chaos of the sixties along with their blood sucking vampire pimps and imps followers of Caucasian Zionists in Banking-Education-Politics-Entertainment-White house of President Obama-Business-Religion-Secret Social orders-and usury right across the board. Time of their funny money and corrupt spirituality is over.  The chaos continues because so-called leader ship have no place to run or hide and these trickster's can't handle prophecy or Karma's Justice as they beg for forgiveness in the love of Jesus! It was Christ who told his disciples" Go not in the way of the Samaritans" but his Disciples denied him and did just the opposite,  in the end, turned their backs on him thinking they had it made under Samaritan rule. They fell for the Satanic Devils)! This is why Reuben from the 12th house of Israel-Seed of Jacob Sun-son of Simeon is not recognized by his brothers or people.  Reuben was moved by the Father in the faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob within prophecy and  Aliyah- Rapture)!  Within this frame work of Justice and Black Power was and is the truth of Sovereignty and the 12 houses of Black Israel which had nothing to do with the Samaritans. Reuben Seed of Jacob in the royal Blood line was sold out by the nine houses west of the Jordan which gave up their birth right to the west to be accepted and in their acceptance caught nothing but hell selling out to the Commonwealth of nothingness and now hold nothing but contempt for Reuben- the King- the Father the God Force!...they hate themselves in Samaria!  They had nothing to do with Watts- "one Day War" against so-called Israel-The Kings High Way or the door of Life...the unveiling of Isis and her dethroning and certainly didn't want freedom for the slaves of America relative to their unwilling enslavement- the building and foundation  of these United States call America along with the Debt of free labor- compounded interest owed at today's rate.  Where does that leave these blood thirsty lying banker's in Black Samaritan rule?  The only thing  your truly can look upon  with a smile on my face at the end of Black Samaritan rule in the melting pot of integration would be "Go Lakers!  The Los Angeles Basket Ball Team! Super Action-Supreme Players!   Owner Jerry Buss ...Coach Pat Riley- Announcer Chick Herrin...Players- Magic Johnson, James Worthy-Byron Scott-Curt Rambus-A.C. Green - Karim Adul Jab bar- Michael Cooper-Derek Fisher-Rick Fox. If I misspelled a name...I'm sorry-other wise, eat your hearts out-I'll see you at the bank !  "What a Team!  No hassle -No Debate!   From the Kings High Way (C) Reuben seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon-Black is Beautiful! Credit due-I Am That I Am         Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Black Power In Truth-Land for Slaves On Their Home Continent-Fools fighting truth With Contempt For God's Authority In Black!

Black folk the world over had truth as to who they were relative to culture and harmony long before Caucasians and other folk were on the planet.  You can go from Red-Yellow-Brown-White- Creoles-Mulattoes-Quadroons-Octoroons!  What's the problem that creates so much chaos envy in the name of Black and jealousy?  Religions from Judaism, Christianity Islam and a whole host of other names and entities giving rise to Temples-secret societies-mosques-churches all talk God and values but in reality believe in nothing but money-usury and power...jealousy, envy and greed which promotes destruction and wars around the globe in the name of Democracy and political correctness White Supremacy aided and abetted by all who want something for nothing!  Breaking from the original God force of creation truth and harmony Black Judas sellout then and now thought they were stronger and wiser than the Divine creator-hence chaos and their seeds of self destruction.  From divine scriptures to secular political insanity-from the diaspora  to the Common Wealth of Nations tied into ancient empires to the destruction of American Indian culture...falsehood of envy, deceit lies jealousy- promises that meant nothing into the Democracy of Civil Rights across the land of the United States effecting the mind set of Black Slaves to a point of  torment love and anger misplaced.  Into Synagogues, Temples Mosques Churches all to be exploited by lying arrogant hypocrites pretending to want freedom for all while filling their pockets from the resources of all.  This does not include the many Black Men and women who fought and died for real Black Justice and not the pretense of I Am somebody...die for me!  Would you believe much of this nonsense was for the benefit of Black Judas sellouts and their Contempt for the Divine Creator(God in Prophecy!)...Black !   Knowing they can't win Judas is now pushing peace in Islam!  Love in Jesus(Christanity) for everybody, which they don't believe! Love of Money in Judaism and identity theft!  Present day society based on and rooted in past history we can see the lies deceit keeping the slaves from real freedom much of which was hidden here in America when it was punishable by death if we were taught and caught reading or writing.  Before the death of Elijah Mohammad and teaching Whites were the Devil, after him there would be no more Islam-His student and followers were led into the Devil's house of Scientology .  Jessie Jackson, 'proclamation" I Am Somebody"  What time is it-Nation Building Time!...then he ran to be President of demon rule in the United States of America's Slavery!  Judas along with many of the Original Tribes of Israel were selling their knowledge   and Spirits to Caucasians who now make up this phony state of Hell rising Israel,  all under the supervision of  the Sanhedrin Council-Ethiopia, Egypt and the Vatican, even as the Moors and Mulattoes had done their hypocritical thing all over Europe-Central and South America-via trade routes which also includes Africa known as 'Land of the Blacks which was Marcus Garvey's attempt to recapture the Land of his own!  This brings us to yours truly because I know there can be no real freedom for Black man self and kind with out his Creator where you control the Land under you feet-over you head and the land on both sides of you "no debate! This is where more of the insanity take place when Watts came to the forefront in Fire!  We claimed the Land in the middle east known as Palestine-Canaan and the original Land and House of Reuben beyond the fertile crescent by way of the kings Highway the gulf of Aqaba,  port of Zion geber.   The unveiling of Isis  and the "One day War of 1968" ending in destruction of Family-jail time-court of Psychiatry -door of life...Wisdom in Sovereignty -Land! This was followed by Dr Kings sellout- Malcolm X death- Dr Kings pronouncement that the Land of Israel-Palestine be longed to those blood sucking sissies calling themselves Jews who don't believe in God or the prophecy!  You have Judaism Islam Christianity all wrapped up in the Slavery in America-no freedom no Justice-yet time justice and land awaits their arrival-not colored good time poverty In America and gusto integration but solution in action from the foundation of truth!  (C) Reuben     10/15/2014     Seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon Aliyah Rapture in the I am - If Separation back to your Land of Sovereignty is not your solution to freedom -What is?                    Reuben Beckles 

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Why Slavery remains-Slaves loves their position in Slavery-Slave Master Loves his position in White Supreme-Both believe he's God! Both should recuse themselves from planet earth relative too Universe!

It's a good thing to know who you are-where you are and what you stand for.  I know I didn't create myself or the Sun Moon or Stars-the planets  nor the Galaxy of planets in the universe. Certainly not the worlds beyond this.  What I do know beyond any shadow of doubt, creation and evolution is only part of time so when asked what branch of service were you in?...then told-you were in Korea or Vietnam!  I responded, none. Drawing complete silence-to be broken by another question.  What is the name of your God?  With no Hassle-no debate( God has ninety nine names, the one hundredth is known only too the Camel!  Give Credit Where Credit Is Due.  If the Slave Master doesn't know who he is masquerading around under the cover of White Supremacy relative too Black Judas sellouts then the Black slaves,  builders of America's foundation don't stand a chance for Black freedom and Sovereignty in Land Restitution and Reparations in that the slaves have no connection with time and their God. They can only act in a reactionary fashion to be led and be played like a yo-yo !  Even with Divine intervention in the slaves behalf(God, Whom Credit is Due-gets none while the impostor's, sissies and Vampires along with the Black Judas sellouts continue their games of tricks masquerading as untouchables promoting this system of lies deceit and  usury!  What both have yet to learn is that time brings about experience and knowledge and neither can hide in denial for ever because Justice awaits them both within the doors of Karma!  The slave masters in their lust for greed and power creates and promotes wars which destroys land people and cultures send their mindless clueless  wannabe accepted slaves to kill and be killed  in the name of Demon Rule Democracy, White Supremacy and equality for  themselves!  Their white off springs are given pretended status, freedom in the mist of black slaves as porch monkeys-stool pigeons Politicians  Ministers  Lawyers and a platform of Town Hall  Meetings and Sham Conferences so that they are able to direct self destructing policies that pretend to help the needy slaves. Such is the relationship of Caucasian Zionists calling themselves Jews (  Sephardim-Ashkenazim)  who were never born in the area mentioned in the Bible-they don't understand the Hebrew  language or culture-knowing they're impostor's. They don't believe in a Spiritual Unseen God yet they claim to be a part of the very people they have enslaved and history they use!  Freedom Black Freedom' means just that !  To hell with pretended Slavery and time means no Hassle, no Debate. Give Credit where Due "I Am," Divine Creator of the Creation of which Black Slaves are a Part ! Land Restitution Reparations !  Karma and the attending Plagues is no joke and time was not created by the Slave Masters and certainly not the slaves-both living in denial!  Is an Elephant heavy-is a pig pork-did the slaves come to America on their own free will and agree to labor for nothing-have their families destroyed-speak one language by choice. Did they give this nation a treaty making them and their off springs slaves for ever?  From the Kings High Way Reuben...Seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon-by faith acted for Self and kind sovereignty land reparations restitution. I claim nothing I didn't do or act upon and was not helped or aided by any group or individuals....Only the Divine Creator stepped in and intervened - Watts  "One Day War 1968-Isis dethroning- Kings High Way- Door of Life and The Aliyah-Rapture)!    Even My ex wives-nor Mr Sanford Alexander of the African House 'Herald Dispatch Weekly representing Malcolm X did not know of or understand my movements until they were made.  If this is not so let the person or persons come forth tell the truth and make the claim because  denial is an easy way out. Action means you'll pay dues with no help except from the Divine Creator relative to the faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob-Spirit and Land! History of Black made beautiful by Faith in Action!(C) Oct. 7/2014   Reuben Beckles

Friday, October 03, 2014

If this isn't a Time for self Interest when? Slavery over yet slavery remains-Why?

Not  long ago the Caribbean brought forth many intelligent respected leaders who understood the meaning of Justice and Freedom, however, as in the case of so many leaders, greed selfishness and envy took it's toll and the nobility of sustained action on behalf of the people fell into chaos giving rise to the sham of "Common Wealth" created by European 'England which caused the destruction of one of greatest minds produced in that area of the world" Mr Marcus Garvey who was right on point for freedom Justice in action for Black folk!  His own kind sold him out for a bowl of rice-kicked him out of the area -said he was nothing but his action coming to America proved other wise placing all peoples of the world on their own land mass so that they would be able to do for self and kind. As history  knows his 'Black Star Line' was blocked by the U.S, government-State and Justice Department. He could not place his feet on the 'Land Of The Blacks'  as a Black Man.  Creole  Mulattoes Octoroons from Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana and other parts of the South being of white stock-not Black were given their freedom and returned to a place called Liberia.  They were responsible to the United States Government and it's Corporate Structure to keep Mr Marcus Garvey from becoming Sovereign on his own Land!  Today many folk in that area come to these shores and speak of him as being one of their favorite Sons, yet they never accepted him as he walked among them.  Many Black so-called leaders from that area of the world have emerged in this country as Politicians-Business folk-Religious leaders Lawyers.  Their presents was really felt during the Civil Rights Movement of the Sixties.  Truth is, most of them see this nation as  paradise for them to live  and don't give one good damn for what Marcus Garvey stood for instead they opted for the Common Wealth of protection and so-called equality in free masonic order as China builds hotels where blacks can't live. Liberia flounders in the sewer of Ebola while a' Reparations conference' was being held in Chicago, hosted by En cobra along with many guest speakers including, Minister Louis Farrakhan, also from the Caribbean. Many other notables who have been talking Reparations for the past eight to ten years with no action. One of the greatest blue prints for action laid before them.  The act of Marcus Garvey.  The only blue print to top Mr Garvey are the Hebrew Scriptures!  Among other talking leaders was President Obama's ex Minister Rev. Wright.  The author of HR- 40  Congressman Conyers who got fifteen too twenty million dollars to study the effect of slavery and Reparations. Sense no action has been taken I assume the congress is still studying the effect trying to find ways and means to destroy Black folk because from where I sit most of these talkers don't have a clue on how to act on one of the most important pieces of legislation they will ever encounter.  Why...because they're not Black Folk but Agent Provocateurs-Judas sellouts...Colored White Mans Sons and Daughters who have been taking pay offs under the table for a long time-hence, no action towards freedom land and Justice(S RR) for Black Slaves looking to them for Solutions... Action-Other Than Talk!  Now they bring forth another Judas sellout from the Caribbean to give them hope in the Diaspora of Black sellouts-guest speaker and professor  Sir  Hillary Beckles!  It's all a Sham and a Joke!  None of these folk mentioned came from this land and been claimed by this System of usury and pretended freedom  therefore did not and have no intention of paying the real price of freedom relative to the foundation of hell that built this nation!  If the truth be told they're sissies who gave up their Man-hood to these  Blood Sucking Vampires for money that has no real value and acceptance. They want no real freedom for themselves or the slaves they try to influence for the White woman and slave masters.  Sir Hillary Beckles pledges his life and support to the White Queen of England-Same as the rest of those thugs on the Land of The Blacks-who must go if the Land and people are to be free!  If these leaders claim to be fighting for real independence and Justice-How can a person like Nelson Mandela of the ANC in South Africa, tell us here in America and around the world he's fighting for freedom  when in fact  from what I can see and understand it was his Wife Winnie' who was for real and paid the price while he and  those males around him were selling out the Land-People and resources to the Zionist allowing White women on Black arms to influence and make Black policy -where's the Justice in that?  I know that Black thought and action effects Black folk here and around the world knowing this is fact and no play thing!  You ask who do I think I Am-I don't think...I know-Reuben...Seed of Jacob Sun Of Simeon, Black House of Israel-Foundation Twelve Articles of Faith in the Spirit of Abraham Isaac and Jacob!...who walked the Kings High Way entered the door of life-help bring about the awaking of Watts and the spiritual revolution ...obtained a busted family-went to jail for  crimes of being Black stomped and beaten beyond all moral or perceived comprehension-thought to be (physiological unfit and a danger to myself and others while dethroning Isis who wanted my soul and spirit while she and others promoted the phony state of Israel through Egypt-Greece Ethiopia and the Vatican "fighting the One Day War! 1968 while refusing to enter war in Vietnam while loving my God the I Am) self and kind demanding my Sovereignty in my faith and land! These are just a few of the things I stand on and work for as Black for self and kind and I make no apology.  You will not find me running from place to place looking for acceptance in culture to culture asking the Gorilla to find a leopard looking like a Tiger  to find a snake to ask the pig for permission to eat the pork  thinking Black isn't Beautiful! I'm not for sale!  No game No trick!   Reuben...What do you stand for and who are you after all the talk. If it's not for real don't knock on my door! (C) 10/3/2014...From the Kings High Way        Land RR-Sovereign