Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still Water Runs Deep-Sovereign Waters of Jordan Reigns Highest

Like the Sovereign waters of the Jordan-the ascension of Christ-like Easter has come and gone-stage of chaos remains the same as truth becomes more profound and nature -waters of the Tsunami creates havoc that lying hypocrite's and demons cannot contain nor control. There was a time when News reporters would go into the highways-in a country-city and state-into townships and out of the way places to uncover news of substance-today from station to station radio-television or other wise with few exceptions we are fed baby food by educated males and females under the titled of news reporters-all reading from the same script. People pay tremendous taxes-with debt they or nation cannot sustain. Any fool knows you can't borrow one's self out of debt. As some point wealth must be created as did the Slaves who were never paid-but debt remains under compounded interest-for Slaves and descendants-as far back as (1863) in the form of Gold-Diamonds-Silver-Platinum IE,as basis for money-certain Trees-Seeds medical supplies and what ever else is needed as a starter-tractors-well digging equipment-tools to meet our needs-to be delivered on our land and continent-that we suggest. We realize that you need jobs-work to help you pay your current debt-and the debt which stems from the foundation of free labor involving this nation along with the continued slavery and disenfranchisement to this date! The sooner the nation gets started by paying it's debt to the slaves the better off we'll all be as compounded interest grows daily, same as the nations you are currently borrowing from! Government, will be able cut cut back on greed and waste-in and out of Government-creating more jobs for it's people. Start with cuts in war machinery-tax loop holes for big business-roads that lead no where-schools that are taking up space while pretending they're teaching-increase draft for thugs and gangsters who can find nothing better to do than terrorise the innocent...we know they go for bad so let them show their man hood by letting them serve on the front line of the various war front around the world-be of value for something-not a thug and gangster for nothing. This should really be fun for the bullies! This would cut through the folly of Identity theft-Illegal Immigration-welfare fraud-in and out of Government! This leads my thought process to the deportation of slaves-we're not wanted and the money-your God on paper is funny-relieve the population explosion so that the mind can be stimulated to do something of value and you can stop exploiting your Colored President-who can't give the colored Afro-American and Whites what they want and Black Judas sellouts can't take "The Promise Land" which Dr. King spoke of and I entered and not by Identity Theft! If it's theirs they won't have to pretend-lie and steal! While we're on your president-why not tell the truth like Helen Thomas-who spoke to the Jewish Question-be for real-what she spoke from knowledge can be found in prophecy of the bible and the thirteenth tribe. I know, having walked the King's Highway and entered the Door of Reuben-causing the "One Day War" 1968! As to your President-go to your Medical professionals and ask them how many extended vertebrate's have they removed from Animal White Monkey's who walk up right like people-but wear tails-who follow the man with knowledge and features like Barrack Obama...I know this as a Spiritual Truth-like many other's! Let's be for real-talk for real-and move in concert with real wisdom and truth towards solutions-or let the Tsunami and nature move you into destruction and more Chaos! (@) April 27 2011-Reuben Seed of Jacob son of Simeon Reuben Beckles

Friday, April 15, 2011

Answers-Solutions too America's real Delimma !

For sometime now- I have used this medium of communication to express my experience-knowledge and wisdom in and on behalf of self and kind living in these United States of America-born here but never accepted-like my kind before me! At this point in time I feel nothing but contempt and utter discuss for those who pretend to be the leader's and sovereigns of this land in the world. Claiming to be free-just-moral and spiritual, they're nothing but lying phonies-hypocritical demons- devils right across the board. Who am I to make such a judgement? I'm not an- x factor-never have been nor do I throw a rock and hide my hands then make apologies for something I meant. I've said it before-I'll say it again-I was born In San Francisco,California-My Father is Simeon-from the Grand Bahamas-Black Man-my Mother born here A Black Woman-I'm a twin-fifth youngest of six boy's-from the Seed of Jacob-Twelfth house of Israel. I do not make this claim lightly or pretend I know it all-only my Divine creator can make that claim-I do not claim this land or system as a Black man-Hebrew shedding lite in and on Israel. The problem I have with America-as a boy and now a Man-is the root of this nations foundation and hypocritical attitudes and actions. They were taught by blacks on the continent-given rise to the American foundation of slavery, then and now! Taught by the American Indians whom they wiped out as savages-destroyed black culture-language- families-history through lynchings-castrations-burnings-rapes-you name it! Today they say we're all the same-with equal opportunities in this insane melting pot of greed-graff - envy and selfishness. The leaders and nation claimed the slaves were free in the (eighteen hundreds-with no land -reparations in this wilderness-this while the foundation was layed for everything of value today by free slave labor!" We living today are a living witness of our fore bearers who give rise to us today in this twenty-first century! We witness, the devilish black Judas sellouts of today proclaiming this the greatest nation on earth-stealing with their hands in the pot-making policies for the disenfranchised-to be shot down-fight in distant lands because of problems not of their own making-or thrown in jail for any reason-police-lawyers-Judges or politicians deem necessary for the preservation of law and order and the hidden truth behind Identity theft-who are the real Hebrews-Israelites relative to Jacob in prophesy! Today-these same back Judas sellouts and their imps knock on your door in the name of law-order and Jesus-for the slave master-as they loose their jobs-homes-bank accounts-husbands or wives and children having no future following their head-black females- as the Man crossed over into the land they're trying to steal! Their Caucasian daddy's watch in dismay because they're not able to help him as he cried for help-saying he's broke-hurting in debt-fighting on all fronts he can't pay for let alone win!...pulling out his ace in the hole-colored folk- in the person of "Obama" President Of the United States-who can't help him or the nation-because his foundation is too weak and did not originate in this nation on this land-he throws money at the cause hoping to solve the solution rooted in slavery-can't and won't happen which is why they're shooting him down on all fronts knowing he nor the black woman can't get them into the lands in the east-their real objective! Knowing the African Americans sold themselves out for peanuts-a job and this insane system and can't make a righteous move as they talk about integration and a moral high ground-the devil finds it easy to work with thugs and gangsters-homosexuals-phony pretenders who haven't done a damn thing for freedom and Justice and don't intent too-knowing the price they must pay is to heavy-if they miss my door in the East and they Will-pretending linage and heir to the original truth in Black-as the Caucasian-their daddy's sets his sights on the Latins Latinos-rooted in Rome to do his dirty work and clean out the Afro-Americans and others who want to be slaves because they can't work with the true Blacks and their descendants in this nation who choose to be free with Reparations and Land relative to our Divine Spiritual Inheritance-! Reuben(@) 4/15/2011...Seed of Jacob Son of Simeon. Reuben Beckles

Monday, April 11, 2011

Black Spiritual truth from twelfth house-jealous phonies must go or be wipe out by tsunami trying to rise in and by fire!

Who was Jacob? Spiritual Grand son of Abraham-Son of Isaac-Patriarch of Israel-relative to prophecy lived in history from generation to generation-magnified in the Ark of the Covenant-Creator and founder of the twelve house of Israel-protected in Ethiopia by Semitic peoples-not Caucasians-those of Aryan extraction-in do-European. Herein is the conflict around the world today-as the middle east and the United States cried peace-peace! Prophecy states their will be none-as it was the Black Jews-not the Hebrews-Israelite's) who taught the knowledge of Israel to the Sepharadim and Ashkenazim peoples of Europe now calling themselves Jews. These are a people who are Phonies-who never lived nor were they born in the area of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob! These folk converted to what they call Judaism- they just adopted and took on the identity of their teachers-Black Jews! Not only do the Caucasians of Europe know this truth-but the Arab red men- Esau-and Ishmael-with the oil- yellow men of the east along with- the Black men of Africa, responsible for the slave movement and havoc heaped upon black folk in America! Because of jealousy and greed-these black Jews taught the nations of the world-if they listened and followed them they would all be heir to the land and birthright of Jacob-that they were the first born of Abraham-that Jacob was a supplanted of truth!...well-big problems as the nations of the world- east against west-reaped certain benefits the water began to dry up-oops! the sleeping giant of the twelve house awoke-God spoke-the earth shook-Reuben moved into action-walked the highway entered the door and land- claimed and took the throne while the deceivers-lying sissies and punks-imploded against themselves! They knew crying Jesus-it was all a Jealous conspiracy to commit God killing-denounce Jacob-God and prophecy-they knew their plan would succeed if they could use Reuben-tell him nothing-set him up after selling him and his knowledge out to the Kennedy's ...Churches -Mosques and secret societies...frame me then send me through the fire of hell! The knowledge would be transferred to the white Zionist of Europe into Canaan and the middles east-controlled by the black Judas sellouts in America. Oops! Their best laid plan failed-they blew it! I said God spoke!-I Reuben...Son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob moved into action into the east and Divine Rapture and took the Throne as the phonies went wild at one another's throats- others couldn't believe it- stood scratching their heads and behinds-talking! both Kennedy's were shot and died-as was Dr. King-who God shone the land! President Johnson said no! I won't run" I will not be your President"-Gov. Wallace called both parties "twilly twilly dumb-no different between neither party-neither fit to govern! In America-they say all are free-yet black folk remain slaves' with no land as Judas sellouts press on towards full hell in integration with the phonies of Sepharadim and Ashkenazim converted Caucasian Europeans call the shots around the world creating havoc in the tsunami-refusing to go through the fire they created claiming something not theirs-something their minds cannot conceive and black Judas sellouts refuse to believe!...something of value they can't have!...Reparations-Land- Restitution! Is God real-Is Prophecy of Abraham-Isaac-Jacob real? I Stand-----Reuben Son Of Simeon -Seed of Jacob. If you say I'm not real-a phony- Go through the fire alone! There's only one way in! Reuben Beckles (@) 4/11/2011