Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Answers-Solutions too America's real Delimma !

For sometime now- I have used this medium of communication to express my experience-knowledge and wisdom in and on behalf of self and kind living in these United States of America-born here but never accepted-like my kind before me! At this point in time I feel nothing but contempt and utter discuss for those who pretend to be the leader's and sovereigns of this land in the world. Claiming to be free-just-moral and spiritual, they're nothing but lying phonies-hypocritical demons- devils right across the board. Who am I to make such a judgement? I'm not an- x factor-never have been nor do I throw a rock and hide my hands then make apologies for something I meant. I've said it before-I'll say it again-I was born In San Francisco,California-My Father is Simeon-from the Grand Bahamas-Black Man-my Mother born here A Black Woman-I'm a twin-fifth youngest of six boy's-from the Seed of Jacob-Twelfth house of Israel. I do not make this claim lightly or pretend I know it all-only my Divine creator can make that claim-I do not claim this land or system as a Black man-Hebrew shedding lite in and on Israel. The problem I have with America-as a boy and now a Man-is the root of this nations foundation and hypocritical attitudes and actions. They were taught by blacks on the continent-given rise to the American foundation of slavery, then and now! Taught by the American Indians whom they wiped out as savages-destroyed black culture-language- families-history through lynchings-castrations-burnings-rapes-you name it! Today they say we're all the same-with equal opportunities in this insane melting pot of greed-graff - envy and selfishness. The leaders and nation claimed the slaves were free in the (eighteen hundreds-with no land -reparations in this wilderness-this while the foundation was layed for everything of value today by free slave labor!" We living today are a living witness of our fore bearers who give rise to us today in this twenty-first century! We witness, the devilish black Judas sellouts of today proclaiming this the greatest nation on earth-stealing with their hands in the pot-making policies for the disenfranchised-to be shot down-fight in distant lands because of problems not of their own making-or thrown in jail for any reason-police-lawyers-Judges or politicians deem necessary for the preservation of law and order and the hidden truth behind Identity theft-who are the real Hebrews-Israelites relative to Jacob in prophesy! Today-these same back Judas sellouts and their imps knock on your door in the name of law-order and Jesus-for the slave master-as they loose their jobs-homes-bank accounts-husbands or wives and children having no future following their head-black females- as the Man crossed over into the land they're trying to steal! Their Caucasian daddy's watch in dismay because they're not able to help him as he cried for help-saying he's broke-hurting in debt-fighting on all fronts he can't pay for let alone win!...pulling out his ace in the hole-colored folk- in the person of "Obama" President Of the United States-who can't help him or the nation-because his foundation is too weak and did not originate in this nation on this land-he throws money at the cause hoping to solve the solution rooted in slavery-can't and won't happen which is why they're shooting him down on all fronts knowing he nor the black woman can't get them into the lands in the east-their real objective! Knowing the African Americans sold themselves out for peanuts-a job and this insane system and can't make a righteous move as they talk about integration and a moral high ground-the devil finds it easy to work with thugs and gangsters-homosexuals-phony pretenders who haven't done a damn thing for freedom and Justice and don't intent too-knowing the price they must pay is to heavy-if they miss my door in the East and they Will-pretending linage and heir to the original truth in Black-as the Caucasian-their daddy's sets his sights on the Latins Latinos-rooted in Rome to do his dirty work and clean out the Afro-Americans and others who want to be slaves because they can't work with the true Blacks and their descendants in this nation who choose to be free with Reparations and Land relative to our Divine Spiritual Inheritance-! Reuben(@) 4/15/2011...Seed of Jacob Son of Simeon. Reuben Beckles


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