Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Intellectual Blacks and New Promised Land-No Solution-Ursury!

Just finished watching a CNN program Hosted by Soladad Obrien" The New Promised Land!" After it's conclusion it was and still is hard for me to understand the mind set of intellectual black folk in this the 21 century who refuse to see themselves as they really are (Slaves on the Plantation of Slavery in America! ) After spending allot of time and money in the best of colleges and universities and being told they were leaders and teachers of tomorrow(today) they were taken to Silicon Valley The new Promised Land of Slave mastered money-Computer programing and thought process of the deepest and highest order. Their hostess over this televised epic program-was a Latinos white woman with super Journalistic skills-that in the end to me became nothing more than an exercise in supreme usury-with no solution-which seems to be par for the course when it comes to television and other similar programing- ex poser-talk -no solutions! How do I arrive at this conclusion? They were told straight up by those in control that they the blacks were placed in a position of beggars trying to enter a field and place controlled by Whites and Asians-that Blacks don't support themselves and were really out of place! These leaders of today, with knowledge second to none pressed on hoping to receive the blessings of a hand out by the slave masters who put them and their ancestors in this condition with continued slavery. The sad thing is the slave master knows it but won't admit it-the slaves lived it-still up to their eye balls in it and pretend they don't know it...hence no solution!! I mention the Latino white female who was the hostess of the show whom I'm sure got paid to tell the black story-were the Black participants paid ? I think not after all they were trying to get a job to sell their wares-waiting for a telephone call! This seems to be par for the course right across the board...but then I'm called a racist-OG-trouble maker or whatever else to keep the truth hidden! How can the slave move and compete by omitting the truth and facts of their foundation -chains and shackles-destroyed language and culture broken families -water hosed-lynchings-castrations-poor education-and death if taught to read and write topped off by free slave labor-just part of the insane experience only to end up in the folly pot of stew called integration and civil rights! I have no words to express the feeling I'm going through at this moment in time listening to the hypocrites in control of this nation and others around the world pretending to be of value and substance ridiculing real blacks of quality and value-substance beyond all thought and imagination-put in a position of begging-with ideas for substance-not wanted by fools of insane folly telling the world this is the greatest nation on earth known to Man! we watch their educated men and women across this nation and the world using the term nonviolent demonstrations to occupy areas of financial greed-educational institutions where policies of demonic proportions evolve to keep the slaves in slavery in a system on land not theirs. The slaves are taught in many of these institutions to accept and honor today's folly of mediocrity-demeaning values of lesbian and gays activities -do away with the truth of one's foundation of substance-but accept the death and lies of fraternal and sororities secrets that hold no water or truth in the lite of day-because to them their is no Divine authority until the truth is made known to them late! Now we come to a moment of truth relative to blacks born under this constitution -whose ancestors predates this constitution in chains and shackles-died under admiralty law on the high seas before arriving on this land and forced into free labor which was never paid- which in today's language means=Reparations-Restitution-Land and if you are wise in the truth of Knowledge and Wisdom-of the Ascension=Ailyah-grow into what is yours and for whom the Divine speaks ! (C) @11/28/2011 Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon Reuben Beckles