Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Yes I Meant it! Black is Beautiful-from the Divine Creation and his foundation Up!

 As Reuben, Seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon-from a Son into Manhood and one who has lived life been Blessed to have traveled the Kings Highway-saved from the clutches of death by the Supreme Lord of the living Most High God I can and do affirm from the Square of time into the Circle of 360 degrees traveling East West North and South-into the Diamond to square it and return to my foundation  on the square-that I did not use a knife gun or any weapon touch any Man Woman or Child, yet, was able to cross over the Jordan into the Spiritual and Divine Zone of Israel and Land into the House of Reuben before being Judged from the bowels of the earth and finding  the Kings Highway!...only to return to these United States, my point of departure and into their Justice system of Laws-beaten beyond all moral perception and called sick and insane!  After a period of time released having committed no crime other than to state who I am and that across this land all Blacks are not Black and have a profound hatred of and for themselves.  This includes the Judas Sellouts as their leaders.  They feel nothing about 'Black being Beautiful ' entitled to Justice and real freedom in the form of Restitution-Reparations and Land. From their point of Origin-Land of the Blacks, called Africa today, from whence they came... they were beaten and enslaved-worked from Sun up to Sun down without their consent!  Today, they are entitled to reparations with compounded interest.  However, they are being tricked, used and fooled into believing they're free under the Constitution and Civil Rights!...with no Justice, Land or Freedom only to give their lives for White Supremacy and the demise of family and Black Children with other Blacks who hate themselves telling them (forget the Past-get an Education-join the system of Bloodsucking vampires and impostors with the right to get a job!  However, if you do anything of  value that can be Copyrighted or register a patent it still belongs to the Slave Masters and if contested-they give you a Black face for representation ending in deception with no Justice! But here's the trick-Black faces-white bodies in the minds of Judas and the Satanic scumbags and impostors  wait until anything Black and valuable  is on the table (Male and Female) will have their hands out saying...give me my share knowing they aren't entitled to anything! They live and breathe White having given their Spirit Mind and Soul to these Bloodsucking vampires and benefactors of White Supremacy who hate everything Black-pretending they Love Black.  Yes "Black Is  Beautiful"...but not all Blacks believe it as they prefer to be anything other than Black knowing they have no rights or too claim  anything of value that's coming to Black in Justice-relevant to the Divine order of things. Satan was thrown out of Heaven to which they are apart, same as Adam and Eve and the Devil is Still a Devil-A Leopard doesn't change it's Spot-a Zebra doesn't change it's Strips and a Pig is Still Pork!  (C) 11/23/2015 I am Reuben from the Seed of Jacob and the Kings Highway by Faith in Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob   Sun Son of Simeon-Black Power and Black is Still Beautiful-Take that to the Bank!  No Game Trick or Lies!       Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Conspiracy to commit God Killing and Destroy Truth And Black-Lot to be said -Short period of Time!

Been gone for awhile taking care of personal business, no matter let's, get on with the truth!  The real meaning of the Aliyah-Rapture and the door of life is that the God of the Most high is alive-no game no lie no trick or yours truly wouldn't be here today. These imposter's Black-White  Judas sellouts, Blood Sucking Vampires know it but don't want the world to know. Nonetheless, it's real and these monsters can't hide!  You think because they come from Belize, Caribbean or the Black Continent and live in these United States that we're all the same because we tend to look alike that we have the same values having the  same interest at heart, but we don't!  They come here for the most part as Caucasians( White) under the protect of the Common Wealth of Nations.  They want nothing to do with Black-they're here to make Money...whether in the church, politics, law it doesn't matter. They do not and can't lay claim to the foundation of Slavery and free slave labor. They could care less that the Blacks here are the only folk who didn't arrive here of their own free will and the only ones who can claim Restitution Reparation and Land relative to Prophecy and Slavery into the Lands and House of Black Israel  as Jacob Seed! Truth and fact is what it is during the Sixties we fought and claimed it!  This is the meaning of Reuben's cross over the Jordan into the Land-traveling the Kings Highway ...the Defeat of Isis ...along with the destruction of the White State of so-called Israel and a people that don't belong in that part of the world. They are Sephardi-Askenazism and European Zionist not Black Hebrew Israelites of Scripture and Bible Prophecy!  This why so many Caucasians Whites are running out of Africa and the middle East-why so many So-called Blacks are coming to America, to uphold the fortunes of White Supremacy while trying to take over the birthright of Jacobs seed living in America as we claim Justice relative to land reparations and Prophecy! (Restitution)!  "Lest we Forget!  The Supreme Lord of the Living Most High is God-So that when you see the 'Loss of A Landmark' in Baltimore being destroyed and demolished by the land owners who called their church "Freedom House" it's  because they don't want their involvement in slavery in the Civil Rights Movement known!  Know this, these are part of the same folk as African Methodist Episcopal Church who were strongly involved in the slave movement against Blacks along with the Moor-Arabs that Chancellor Williams wrote about-not leaving out Esau and Ishmael-  Creoles and Mulattoes!  Even to this very day, you have Black Judas Sellouts all over the place selling out the people and land for little of nothing to get to this land of money making schemer's  with no values.  They use Black but feel nothing for Black.  Yes, Black is Beautiful and valuable!  Not to them be it Male or Female! ...So, should you have business with the Government on any level or Hospital  beware of the printed word and the people in front of you who will change your Race and Ethnicity from Black-African American to White Caucasian,   smile in your face feeling nothing...knowing you and your Ancestors in prophecy are at stake and you will have no future-no life or Identity!  ...No Faith!    All is well- God Is! From the Door of Life I Am...Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun Son of Simeon...from the Kings High Way an truth of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (C) 11/18/2015 Love Truth and Justice to Self and Kind!  Reuben Beckles

Monday, November 02, 2015

Black Judas Sellouts can claim nothing righteous nature as Selfish-Greedy Conspirators-Satan Imps!

Much time has come and gone relative too the tumultuous activities of the sixties and the fight for Black freedom-land Reparations and Restitution based on the foundation of extermination-slavery and free slave Black Labor!...The action of and by faith relative to Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon and the Rapture-Aliyah) Watts' Dethroning of Isis and The Kings Highway-( The One Day War-1968 and defeat of So-called White Israel...Bloodsucking Vampire Impostors trying to claim the birthright of Ancient Black Israel to destroy the true Hebrews and steal the Lands beyond the Jordan  belonging to Reuben-Gad and Half Tribe of Manasseh!  They bought off the nine and a half tribes living on the West Bank and in their defeat were exposed as impostors and can claim nothing but their own demise in their effort to Commit God Killing and the Divine Prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  All brought to lite and life with the action of ((Reuben) and the Foundation of the Twelfth  House and Land.  An Action by Faith and Belief In the Word of the Living Most High Lord of The I Am That I Am-ending in Truth and Divine Judgment!  Acts, for the benefit of Self and kind.  Judas then as now seeing their failure and folly pretending to be apart of righteous Justice and freedom for Black folk lied then and now- mad because the truth has come forth relative to their commitment as  non-believers- Genocide and destruction on the Black Continent-here in America and other parts of the world. Self destruction in Karma is a terrible place to be trying to find a hiding place in religious houses-secret societies or governmental agencies where their is no place to hide.  Can't point the finger on someone else-group or otherwise when they know they're guilty-trying to live on the backs of the innocent !  Today, these same scumbags as so called leaders don't want righteous solutions-they love playing games and tricks-crying no Justice -no Peace!  Black lives Matters-this is our Country  we're all the same!...race and color doesn't matter and the Solution of History-Reparations Restitution and Land is mere diatribe knowing the Devil is still a Devil-A pig is still pork a Leopard doesn't change it's spots and History in Prophecy of the I Am That I I am is still in Control!  Justice and Truth Is Still on the table!  Slavery is over-Conspiracy lies trick and deceit won't win!  (C) 11/2/2015  Black power from the Door of Life and the Kings Highway- Reuben... by Faith, Seed of Jacob, Sun Son of Simeon- Abraham Isaac and Jacob!  No game-No trick- No!  Foundation of Black Israel is real!                                     Reuben Beckles