Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

African American Negro-Pretending Black-In The Twenty First Century

The truth solution concerning black folk in America, came from Black to Black-not pretending but an action taken in the physical to spiritual, mental into the divine...Action-not theory, talk and pretense, but action culminating in Divine Intervention! The African American Negro is about integrating and money (jobs). Solution for Blacks he doesn't have a solution-he doesn't see Black in the Twenty First Century-He's got everyone and everything going crazy because he's like the polar bear in a hot climate-out of place in the melting pot of insanity!

He's really not accepted cause he doesn't accept himself in truth and he enjoys living the lie in this place he calls home-America, land of the free, home of the brave. He puts his limbs-life-and spirit on the line in a fox hole -on a hill-plane or ship to die for a cause not of his own making then become angry if a real Black Man points him in a righteous direction for himself. Knowing what he gave up for a name of acceptance and a few crumbs he returns home to the cotton plantation moaning and groaning in the arms of Katrina and other elements of nature...Home to nothing! His illusions of a brand new day destroyed-thinking of what he gave up...Black in the Twenty First Century! No foundation-No purpose!

As an African American Negro-pretending Black with no solutions he watches other nations and nationalities use his knowledge and experiences( the blackness of himself) which he no longer wants, move on it to better their, conditions, around the world for themselves. Saying nothing of any consequence, he looses the true identity of himself in the Twenty First Century! He becomes sick and angry in a pitiful state hoping to regain his power and wisdom in the head of An ISIS-Delilah-Sheba or the death of a Jesus! One who will champion his cause as he is used abused and misused thinking money-without land -will help to ease the pain.

Intertainment and deception seems to be the order of the day, so within and all this chaos picture yourselves in these five choices and the spirit that relates to all of them as they represent without question the best that were ever made in these times of mediocrity in the Twenty First Century...( High Noon- Working Girl- Malcolom X-School Days- God Father #3)

Other nations and peoples have no problems building, trading and having general intercourse with an among themselves for the betterment of their futures-but the African American Negro, has a greedy lust for integration at the destruction of himself-trying to prove Black is nothing with no Land-Shape or Form-Where's the Wisdom and Justice in this-where's the future?

We all watch as he returns home to this cotton plantation from the fox holes of war-Vacations-Business to the nothingness of Katrina arms casting his bread upon the waters of the world that returns with no value-no interest pretending! Through the essence of all this folly Black Stands...Man- a King one with his God-unbent-unshaken-Reuben, Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon...Black Is Beautiful!

Reuben Beckles @11/17/2005

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Original Black Man's Problem In America

From generation to generation with love for himself -his God and kind-his problem, the essence of himself. Able to weather all storms of adversity having no knowledge of greed, selfishness, pretense, deception or trickery. Even when placed on ships from abroad at the ports of no return his conscience was so deep -so high in the light of creativity that it has taken many years for the dawn of justice to appear from within the essence of his being to erupt in the light of truth.

Within the spirit of envy and jealousy-from the middle east to what is known as the dark continent he rises in America, from a deep sleep, understanding the art of treachery and slavery at the hands of ancient foreign matter-finding that within his words and actions he built a nation where he gets no credit but illusion and phony pretense-his families torn apart, mutilated and slaughtered like the buffalos that once roamed the plains of America...Unable to speak!

Slowly, he awakes and his fed the love of Jesus on the cross-in the crisscross and doubled crossed for destruction, power and land! He is forced to bow down in the name of Islam and the warring crescent because they could not find his throne. Ridiculed and starved-tempted with money to denounce himself under Judaism-given just enough to keep him striving for the benefit of others who hate him for being!

Living, creating and working in America, he watches his ancestors come to these shores from the continent he was taken, the descendants of those whom had originally sold him out with hands out saying this is the greatest system in the world-he watches them come from the cradle of civilization-beg for shelter- food -money-medicine-jobs...Looking down their noses at the black man here, who made the wealth they enjoy possible. They claim they don't know him or don't want to as they live in enclaves, exclusively, to themselves-secretly planning to terminate him to become(Him)...Trying to live his birthright. This while we honor them as our ancestors not want to believe they sold us out to the forces of genocide and slavery!

The situation is the same as the people who live to the south of us on the land mass known as Mexico. The people here don't want to admit, their people sold them out for fifteen million dollars in gold and silver under the treaty of Guadalupe Hildigo. Not only were the people sold out but the lands of California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. They like the blacks don't want to admit the truth and own up to their own responsibilities, for present day chaos. Nations of the world come to America, to enjoy what they call the good life in freedom while black folk languish here looking for a brighter day!

After the sellout that didn't kill the Blackman, he stands alone in the center of knowledge, wisdom and homelessness, as his female counterpart says he weak-nothing-she thinks and wears the pants -she's Queen, he's a drone ! Yet, there he stands a smile across his face, greeting all people...How are you he ask? Some speak, some don't, pretending he doesn't exit. I'm Jewish-Have a blessed day, I'm Christian! The lord is blessing...I' m an Arab- I'm a Muslim-I'm an American-I'm a Negro an Afro-American!...A businessman...A doctor...Dentist...Teacher, lawyer-politician-housewife! Before the Blackman can tell them who he is as the creator of all they enjoy and take for granted they disappear. With a smile on his face he watches the clouds of Katrina cover the land. A bright light appears, he too is gone...Leaving the nations to their fate and pretense-without the divine creation!

Reuben Beckles @ 11/12/2005

Friday, November 11, 2005

Lies-lies people accept-slaves question nothing!

The conference held in Atlanta sometime ago featured what was known and called, heavy weights, in the civil rights movement as they talked about the state of Black America! Truth is, it was about the advancement of colored folk using black folk with the help of Black Judas sellouts, ie: NAACP. This is why slavery for black folk is alive and well as we witnessed during and after Katrina. Coloreds and whites are together when it comes to a non- solution to the black problem in America and the black Judas sellouts in the back ground know it. They wax fat with black reparations and no land as they use the knowledge and spirit of black to keep the people down with nothing!

We listened as Tavis smiley, one of the moderators, among others, propose a new covenant with the people they claim to be helping. Are they saying they are Gods of the universe using divine authority to solve the black dilemma? That solution has already been set down in scriptures long before Tavis Smiley, Louis Farrakan, Jessie Jackson, Cornell West, Dyson and a host of others were born. In my opinion, what these folk are suggesting is more of the same perpetuation of institutionized slavery! They are suggesting they have arrived; black folk die for us!

In this day and time no one wants to be who they really are-suggesting prophecy is nothing. We,re just a pot of stew...Black, White, Red, Yellow and Brown. Brown is the new Black and Ex President Clinton is the Blackest man on the planet as more black men went to jail on his watch than under any president before him and Rosa Parks started the rebellion of the civil rights movement. It's a shame and a sham!.

Think about it...If this white country was set up for white folk and black folks were truly an accepted part of the nation-why were you brought here in chains and shackles...Why the need for special civil rights or a voting rights act along with special legislation in various states across the nation? Why the sham of acceptance? Why the abuse and misuse by blood sucking vampires who wax fat because of free labor. Why accept the lie black folk. America, is not the black man's land and no amount of laws will make it so! You are being sucked into a pit of quick sand and you are witnessing your own extermination because you refuse to stand for what's right and just...Being lead by your enemies! It wasn't Iraq that blew up the building-creating (911) check the record-these people didn't commit the crime anymore than the emancipation freed the slaves! You tell me how you free a people in a country like this who are not accepted and were never paid for all that free labor-descendants or other wise! Check the interest on credit cards and the national debt. From generation to generation the investors and paper pushers must be paid! Yet you are told the value of your labor is a free gift. Your inheritance is great if you understand the value of Reparations and Land. Knowing this, there would have been no need for you to beg the slave master for help during and after katrina. We watched the million more movement in Washington, D.C. where you can't vote. You stood before empty buildings where speaker after speaker spoke to you and your families about things of importance. They talked to you, empty buildings and some grass while the cameras took your picture. The people who were paid by your tax dollars to help you resolve some of your concerns weren't there...The buildings were empty and this was on a weekend. My question is what did you and your leaders expect to accomplish talking in front of and too an empty building? Black folk-these are not times for fun and games-do you love yourselves or do you enjoy being played??

Reuben Beckles @11/11/2005