Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From the Kings Highway relative to the foundation of America; Slavery and a debt never paid but owed!

The melting pot of America and it's current situation is because White Supremacy has been and is working in all of it's forms because of Black Judas sellouts right across the landscape  and continues to this very day allowing all peoples from around the world to come here and prosper at the expense of the Black Slave foundation and all his folk take an oath to the Constitution and pay taxes to sustain this demonic system while giving up their roots from whence they came.  They all know the Constitution didn't and couldn't free black slaves because the wealth they represent is too deep-too great!...yet, the debt remains because of how the Slaves were brought to this land and what was lost giving rise to their present condition. The turmoil in this land and around the world can be laid at the foundation of the peoples who suffered crimes beyond all comprehension-physically morally and mentally...set in motion by a bunch of low down, greedy, selfish, egotistical blood sucking vampires scum bags...individuals and groups who are money men -educators politicians -religious psychologist  with Satanic minds aided and abetted by legal folk who write and maintain laws for what they claim are the lawless, knowing they are the guilty reaping tremendous benefits at the expense of the innocence.  The activist do nothing- talkers and agent provocatur hiding out in secret societies think they will get away by using trickeration an some truth to promote the death of the non accepted!  Black slaves and their defendants fight beyond talk and pay the price of real action for land and sovereignty  as Black men while the phony Judas sellouts run and hide like the twelve aides to Jesus who denied him when the chips were down! Today we have those same types-talking the talk but selling out to scientology-in the name of Black liberation while others come up with some sorry excuse about the CIA or FBI had them on their hit list-while still others take from the pot of Restitution and Reparations claiming to be black and at the same time turn to the culture and life of white in the form of the Moors who were and are a part of black Slavery..."Lest We Forget" Creoles-Mulattos- Octoroons-Quadroons who moved in with what is known as the American Indians-only to be thrown out of their Nation and off the reservations because of their hypocritical ways towards the Indians who had befriended them!  Before I forget, the above mentioned folk don't consider themselves Black but have no compunctions when it comes to receiving benefits earmarked for Black! Talk and denial is the name of the game.  Followed by more talk-denial and usury!  The real trick behind the economical- political  and spiritual game playing is the hatred held by those coveting the Prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob and the Action taken by Jacob and the Land mass called Palestine=Israel!  Christanity nor Islam cannot take and maintain what The Supreme Lord of the living most High I am has given. The Twelve Houses of Israel were and are Black-even the Moors who claim not to be Black found themselves as squatters and had to be removed when the Israelites returned from their exile in Egypt!  If you're one of the faith and you go to the Book it will not only tell you this but you will be shone in action as was Dr King who was taken to the Mountain Top and saw it for himself, but by that time he had missed the mark and he knew Civil Rights was not the Way! I'm not telling you anything I don't know and haven't done and I don't play games!  This is what the sixties was all about...Reparations Restitution Freedom and Sovereinty!  Watts was the awakening -the Kings Highway was found and Walked-the Black Judas sellouts and their followers took a pay off to stay in America and give up their claim to the land of Israel enabling the white blood sucking vampires to take over much of Arab lands including the land of the Blacks who were apart of the on going Identity theft by working with Isis!...enters Reuben from the twelveth  House of Israel-Black, Physical, Spiritual and Divine-Gods intervention and the Rapture-the destruction of the Zionist movement and the One Day War!...The ascension within the Rapture of yours truly Reuben to the Divine Spiritual throne beyond the Jordan--into the land that 's not for Sale given or taken.  This is why folk here and around the world are living a lie and in denial-they missed the door of life and they' Must Reap' what they have sown in chaos-moving towards the Lake of fire!...Prophecy and Justice is real same as the Land of the Blacks before it was cut into a thousand different nation states for the benefit of Europe and their partner's in crime who are nothing more than Judas sellouts!  Reuben (C) 6/25/2014   From the Kings Highway-Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon.  Talk is one thing but action is another- If I'm telling a false hood prove me wrong by destroying prophecy and take the Land -then try doing away with Justice and Truth!       God Is...I Am!            Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Divine Intervention And Faith-What Happened Black Slaves In America-Why are you in such a State of Denial?

Faith like belief in action is very deep and profound if it is real to the individual or group of individuals.  God is no game -trick and pretending phony!  Behind suffering Faith is Deliverance.  However, it is yours truly observation and opinion-Black Slaves in America, are not only in a state of denial but are looking for a loop hole having missed the mark having been misled and lied too-they have laid down their defense of value- Faith - Identity and sense of worth towards self and kind loosing sight of their real foundation in this nation-on this land that isn't theirs! Shadrach-Meshach and Abed-Nego...Samson-Noah-Lot- Abraham-Isaac and Jacob-Moses- Jesus the Christ and many more knew the pain of suffering and faith= Deliverance! This action and awareness is not new in the total scheme of thing...what is new in today's situation in this nation is the total obsession with acceptance - that we're all the same which completely over looks the foundation of Black folk in this nation as Slaves!  In that, being free and independence is not wanted. There can be no Deliverance, even though Land, Reparations Restitution is theirs under Divine Law! It's not free and action of value and worth must be taken for the benefit of themselves and children's future!  A Leopard doesn't change it's spots and a elephant doesn't mate with a gorilla to become a snail to have lunch with a pig! The Blood sucking vampires-pimps thugs-Identity thieves-Political-Religious lying pretender's who knowingly gave up the truth for crumbs, practise deceit trickeration- covetousness  in the name of charity, hope and love claiming they're fighting for racial harmony.  But it's all coming to an end as they're running looking for a loop hole-knowing under Divine law there is none. They will Reap what they have sown!  These men and women of folly are running from the Spiritual Truth and foundation of  Black Power  in and of the Sixties when slavery ended. Greed,   selfishness, homo-sexuality-dope and unreal situations became the order of the times.  All people on the planet who were Black was design to be destroyed-this is truth -this is a fact! It didn't happen because of Divine intervention-this too is the truth-fact!  The (We) Scenario I spoke of in the past  during the Sixties  was about Deliverance-Justice and Truth rooted in Identity theft when I Reuben of Jacob's Seed-Son of Simeon-came through by Faith knowing nothing but shone much Spiritually while working for the Black News Paper(Herald Dispatch)! It wasn't We! It was Reuben and my God by- Faith! Not a reactionary. The owner of the paper Mr. Sanford Alexander, pointed the way to my destiny in Israel and the land under Divine Judgement and intervention stated simply" It's time and action must be taken! Credit is due where it's due!   My actions came in the form of Dethroning Isis-Watts rebellion when no one else would come forth...those who knew and thought they had power and were apart of the conspiracy  set in motion phony charges from tickets, suspicion of what ever, to insanity trying to frame and commit me to any of their institutions of destruction.  It didn't work and  I walked out of every case. Now they're saying, forgive, it's all about love.  I don't believe for a minute.  What they didn't know was  my God is God and He judged my Soul my spirit.  Yes, there was suffering and a price was paid but I felt nothing because these blood sucking vampires could not- did not achieve their goal and was unable to take over the promised land beyond the great river Jordan and the real House of Israel-in addition to destroy God in Black! I walked the King's Highway in the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob -stopped these blood sucking thugs in the phony state called Israel in(1968) .This and much more was done by Faith including the magnificent journey of the Rapture!  I do not speak of these action just to be talking or trying to suggest I'm something I'm's done for and on behalf of a people whose God is real and alive as is prophecy. There is much chaos and time is late. The hypocrites and  pretender's would have us all believe our God is asleep and nothing!  "Lest We Forget"...Black Is  beautiful-Give credit where credit is due.! Don't just talk the Talk...walk the Walk and mean it!  God is the I Am Divine Creator-stand and be ready for the change in Freedom!  Reuben-Sun ...male Man...from the King's Highway   (c) 6/18/2014    Abraham Isaac Jacob  ...   Reuben Beckles

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A scenrio of We...By Judas and their Comon Wealth of Nations-Activist in the rainbow of Colored pretenders-something for nothing!

Words like pictures have meaning and purpose.  Judas and his bloodsucking vampires cultures in crime would have the world believe that slavery in America is over and We are all the same in the melting pot of common cause-love and brother hood so that the Black Slaves will fall asleep, demand and do nothing concerning his past and present condition that keeps them on the path of self destruction, antagonism and self hatred-while at the same time embracing actions within a thought process  and body politics that has nothing to do with real Black Freedom for the Black Slaves in America -Land , Reparations Restitution and Sovereignty.  What you have been given are words wrap in an illusion with your enemies at  the head and his woman at your side and a smile in your face as your so-called communities are flooded with his vampires in crime-covering the landscape with graffiti drugs-vice and the police-with the pay offs going to non profit so-called faith based churches, Politicians, Attorney's schools turning out illiterate students embracing knowledge with little or no value of what they call their communities-stead quoting African verse" it take a village!" To do what?  Father's don't talk with the Sons...Daughter's don 't talk with the Mother's  and the great graduating students have nothing to do with the families... begging for a job-creating nothing not even a Basket Ball Court, but allow them selves to be used by one group of Zionist Jews towards another-who hate the Christian Gentiles then get mad at a money man who put it on the line and told them the truth about themselves!  Is that insane?  What do their action show?  The  players across the nation whom are given tremendous sum of money by people like (Sterling ) know these Slaves aren't going to do a damn thing relative to Wisdom and value for Black folk cause they've been trained as Slaves and have arrived as very important (White Folk-Supreme Entertainers) ...who now fight  (Racism for the Church -Lawyers and Politics)  never Justice for Black folk!  Enters African Black folk and the common wealth of nations.  They watch the Black man here who are told by the Justice and State Department not to have anything to do with the Black Slaves of America-who are lazy dumb and good for nothing-if you do you'll become just like them and we'll have to revoke your visa's and send you back to the same land you gave up!  This is why, Black folk of AMERICA, they want nothing to do with you...they all think they're greater than you!...until they realize that they are not only sitting on the foundation built by the Slaves and their descendants ,whom they sold out! You are the very people who made it possible for them to stand today by Black action of the sixties.!  Watts -One Day War! Isis dethrone-Identity Theft uncovered- Divine Intervention - the Wisdom and knowledge of the Kings High Way from which the Door of life flows relative to Prophecy, Reuben Jacob's seed-Sun of Simeon came forth in faith!  If you examine some of the truth before you you'll find The Union Of South Africa is a term used for European (White) ancestry because many Blacks on that continent gave the land up to be accepted by Caucasians.  Many of the Black Judas sellouts here are a part of the  descendants who were occupying what Dr King called Canaan -the Land of Palestine-when the Israelites left the land to settle it's self-knowing they would return-they left the land and settled in Egypt.  It was many of the Africans who came into the wisdom and knowledge   of the Israelites whom they would fight later to regain the land from the Africans.  This is why so many Caucasians came to the aid of Dr King-to get back at the true Israelites, he Dr  King, gave them up through the Church working with the Muslims to destroy the Prophecy of Abraham Isaac and Jacob-and through Ishmael and Esau claim the Divine Birthright also Blacks are Mad with themselves and yours truly Reuben who didn't join Islam or Christianity  but by Faith and Divine Intervention made the Aliyah-Rapture in action spiritually leaving the sellouts to talk in chaos-knowing what they had done is nothing more than " conspiracy to commit God Killing! "...knowing I walk alone the action was taken for those in faith and belief -Black Slave in America and not the melting pot of the (WE ) Scenario ...God Is I am-Reuben    -    Seed Of Jacob-Sun Of Simeon-(6/12/2014      From the King's High Way-Black Is Beautiful-No Lie-No game- No Trick!                                        Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The real truth behind Slavery and denial is Covetness-selfishness and greed relative to economics and free labor-identity theft and the unpaid debt of free labor and land owed!

The beauty of today's so-called modern secular world activities is wrapped up in truth and karma-no one can run or hide and we'll find Justice is more than a mere word in Black and White as both in this country are head and knee deep in monumental denial.  Black Judas SELLOUTS and their blood sucking vampires in crime and usury are being expose big time here and around the world because we know Zebras don't change their colors-Leopards don't change their spots and a pig will eat anything and remain pork!  What is be played out on the American scene today in the form of athletics is comical and foolish because Slavery we are told is over-but it isn't and people of sound mind know it-including the owners and players-white owners who pay tremendous sums of money to those who entertain them. These folk (players) are nothing more than Gladiators like In  Greek and Roman times.  One would think that the (players...Black) who claim to be free would invest in freedom activities and creativity for the benefit of themselves and kind while at the same time up lifting their communities-but they don't and the reason they hate themselves-don't trust themselves and they don't have a real sustaining community as do other folk who make this land and country their home!  Truth is, the foundation of this nation is and remain Slavery and both the player's and owners are in denial knowing a Pig is still pork and a Leopard doesn't change it's spots.  Black is still Black and beautiful and Caucasian Whites and those who follow and are a part of him remain so-Let's be for real-act and tell the truth! My position as a Black man in this nation is well known -Blacks are truly not free and sovereign ...however, if across the nation they think otherwise what legacy and job creating businesses have they built for themselves and children-other than begging institutions called Church where the few gain the wealth  waxing fat in terms of millions upon millions if not billions as their so-called communities and people for the most part live and remain in poverty.  This knowledge and wisdom is not only related to the Churches who have been ripping off the folk through faith based non profit institutions  but Politicians lawyers so-called activist who are nothing more than agent provocateurs whose job it is to keep the people off balance and in check.  When the days end they're all considered fools punks and sissies with no foundation -freedom -no land they control for self and kind working and doing for everybody other than self and kind-yet have the nerve to get up set when some one uses the term Slave -Nigger who refuses to leave the plantation because they sold their Spirits and soul out to other nationalities and blood sucking vampires who covet everything Black of Value!...value which the seller does not value as they watch so-called(White modern day Caucasians called Israeli called Team Innovation move into Africa and help the poorest of poor with health-water -electricity and other technology!  How do you as educated free Blacks-land of your birth and ancestry allow others to do for you and your kind that which you should be doing for your selves as Prodigal Son and Daughters- with Reparations Restitution back to your self and Land!  If you prefer continued denial as slaves in this land that no longer needs or wants you as a people then Slavery and destruction is your choice and it will not end as you think-because it will have nothing to do with Divine Intervention and Prophecy!-the Secular State of what you call Israel will not-cannot help you because it was not set up by Divine Authority and those Blood sucking Caucasian vampires know do the United Nations under Harry Truman knew it when they set it up! did those Black Judas sellouts from the house of Judah!  While Negros-Coloreds-Afro-African Americans Say they are Black and do nothing to claim their real Spiritual inheritance relative to the land, watch those calling themselves Israelis/ Palestinians who really don't belong on the land they are now claiming as theirs.  They too are imposter's, which is why Prophecy tells us they will be 'shouting, Peace, Peace but there will be none! "  History tells us...Philistines(ia) was placed on the west coast as a thorn in the side of Jacob, (Black Israel) by Egypt. They are both looking for support from a Latino Pope during his recent visit to Jordan.  This because many Latinos and Mexicans have converted to Judaism in what they perceive to be the money tree. However, this too will be of no value and will fail. That relationship is nothing more than Spain and Portugal(Sephardic and  Ashkenazim...European-Rome !Reuben from the Twelfth House of Black Israel-Jacob Seed- Sun of Simeon can attest to this truth in Action known here and the Nations of the world(Watts-1965...One Day War!" 1968-Divine Intervention -The Sovereignty of the Land Beyond the Jordan-Reuben Gad and Half Tribe of Manasseh -the Aliyah-Rapture and the Kings High Way relative to the door of life! These acts and others by yours truly do not represent a play thing as I speak to and on behalf of the Black Slaves in America and their foundation and descendants whose free labor made this nation what it is.  By FAITH I CAME FORTH.   (c) Reuben  Seed Of Jacob-Sun of Simeon     6/4th/2014          Reuben Beckles