Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Black Slavery-Justice Delayed-Denied-World In Spiritual Chaos

A look back to look forward-Today, America and nations of the world do not believe or want to believe we are living in a very deep and high divine spiritual war! Same was true when Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden-Sodom and Gomorrah-Forty days and Nights of rain during the time of Noah and the Ark or that God Choose Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon in the Twenty-First Century to bring freedom and justice to the Black slaves of America and their descendants as Judas continues to sell the lands and peoples of Israel out to the Arabs-Muslims and Caucasians of the west! The havoc we are witnessing around the world is no joke-not a play thing and Prophecy is real and it doesn't matter what anyone may believe or think. As we walked the Kings highway in the sixties and took the Throne in the House and Land of Reuben I was shone and given the truth as to the People-Prophecy and Land- The same land Dr. King spoke of but couldn't and didn't enter-knowing he and his organization wasn't real demanding integration and jobs in a land of vampire and demons-never to be trusted with their limited degrees of knowledge which only leads to greed, war and destruction! Justice being delayed and denied To Black Slaves and their descendants; the free foundation of America and economical well being of the Judas sellouts and their hypocritical allies around the world. I tell you this because they play with the truth and word of my God as if he were a sissy-punk and liar! My God-the God of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob is none these-that my faith in my God is real and the action we took in terms of the word in Scripture cannot and will not be denied. After we took the throne-we send information and knowledge to the leadership in this country and around the world demanding the freedom-land and Justice for our people in the form of Land- Restitution and Reparations-not here...but on the land of the Blacks(Africa) Palestine -Canaan Israel-Jacob's Land in the middles East. Theses are a people who were stripped of every thing including language and families-culture and identity who built the foundation of this nation and were paid nothing! Hell and genocide were their lot and not of their own making! They were to have been destroyed-here and around the world-but-prophecy-Divine intervention-God-Black power stepped in. Today, those who helped sell their black brothers and sisters out left Africa for Europe and are being laughed at-knowing they refused to move on prophecy. The Judas sellouts here moved from Black to African American-this being Black History month-after receiving nickle and dimes jobs from the slave master-stating this is the greatest country on earth while slavery continues-Justice delayed-denied! We sent knowledge to leaders here and all over the world which includes Colleges -Universities-Religious Organizations of all faiths-Politicians-secret orders-known- accepted and the slaves I was arrested thrown in the dungeon of Los Angeles-beaten beyond all moral perception-called crazy and a fool-yet I walked out having no money no lawyer! Talk if you will-I had no outside help-only faith and my God could pull this off-knowing I was destined to die-yet-I walked out and live! Today, we have Internet-Television and the Truth-to tell the world Prophecy is real and Justice and truth will not be denied-Europe and America is socially-politically and economically in chaos-the whole middle east in turmoil-Judas sellouts here in America-join the Devil looking for a rock and a home-and the covers are being pulled off Esau-and Ishmael trying to kill the prophecy of Jacob and the Land...Black! Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon! 2/6/2011(c) Reuben-Beckles