Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Uncompleted revolution for Black Slaves of America! Civil Rights?

You can called this blogger hate or love unconditional it makes no difference at this point as we all witness peoples and cultures around the world rising for themselves in self determination while Black slaves of America pretend to be accepted and free. I will stand alone and take exception to this folly and utter deception. To listen and see what's happening to a people long over due justice-land and real freedom on and within these shores of America is really sad. To go along just to get along after being brought here like an animal-beaten-abuse-used- lynched-castrated-denied every aspect of human development after families were torn apart, given one language then told you're free as they teach our children the virtues and joys of white power and their acceptance all over the world-while our children accept white as good and Black as bad and evil! Pitiful because many adults teach their children this insane nonsense. A non violent so called revolution took place in the form of sit In's-marches-pray In's and educational political sellouts. There was nothing non violent about America's response with water hose dogs clubs-bullets-rapes and jails. These things and more happened to Black folk who were brought to these shores in chains and shackles. One wouldn't know it if you listen to President Obama's speech concerning the chaos in the east-especially between what they call(Palestine and Israel) an area which prophecy tells us there would be no peace-both are imposter's to the Land of Canaan-Jacob's Israel-(Black) not for sale and not theirs to taken under Identity theft or other wise...Having made my spiritual journey to the land I can and will tell you and the world before these phone's take the land it will be blown to hell and the slaves will still be taken there will nothing left-this I have seen-so they can talk and negotiate from now on it's all non-negotiable! President Obama and the Zionist Prime minister soon to meet with him and members of congress hope prophecy-God -Black Power is asleep. It's the same Black power that took the reins of the so-called non violent civil rights movement knowing it would never work among these demons regardless to the utterances of Dr King and others about soul power and God's unconditional love-It was God who showed him and these insane demons who thought they would gain something for nothing because he(Dr King and many of his followers) became spineless-ball-less-crying in the age of Aquarius-lost their minds opted for jobs and crumbs as Reuben in Pisces-acted in behalf of my God-Jacob and truth in the twelfth house of Israel-also son of Simeon. These folk and the government thought the lies they had been told concerning Black in prophecy was and is a joke that the Wall- Highway and Land they wanted to steal claim under the name of finder's possession would be theirs-controlling the world! "They lost the one Day War!" Let them claim and take it-they too will be wiped out! They tried using members of my family-promising them untold wealth if they would denounce me and work with them-leaving me they thought alone! They too failed! Greece-Isis- secret societies-game players-who else? Look about you monies funny-cities-counties-Federal and states government's- religious entities failing in debt-citizens charged with phony interest rates-loss of jobs relative to housing and business fore closers . They talk of unconditional love but refuse the slaves Justice on land fighting wars not of their choosing nor making-all while the weather's rising tide of the Mississippi Tsunami and trail of Katrina move across the lands destroying Land -homes-foods business investments-you name it while I get my thoughts together and continue with the list of countries I promised on my last Blogger...what's wrong with America-we thought the slaves were free! While you're on that thought asked yourselves whats with Qaddafi of Libya-why did they take the passports and money earned by the Blacks from other parts of Africa- Blacks who were apart of his security forces not allowed to leave his country-shades of America's slave labor? A sellout is a terrible thing as a mind is a terrible thing to waste-what goes around comes around-if unjust don't cry about the price-it's all good-love unconditional!?-List...India-Spain-Norway-Bangladesh-Belarus-Montenegro -United Arabs Emirates-Turkey-(Cote D'Ivoire-Ivory Coast)-Canada-Bolivia-Latvia-Denmark-Pakistan-Morocco-Malaysia-Bulgaria-Moldova-Namibia-Senegal-Sweden-Thailand-Zealand-Nepal-Croatia-Luxembourg-Nigeria-Panama-Costa Rica-Lebanon-Philippines-Honduras-Greece-Italy-Latvia-Belarus-Kenya! There are those trying to claim what happened relative to our crossing over didn't happen-including family-time to give credit where's its due-Land Restitution Reparations-truth is what it is-can't do or undo what's been done! Reuben Seed of Jacob-son of Simeon-(@) 5/19/2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pulling No Punches-Negros-African American-Judas Sellouts want The Melting Pot-its Yours!

Pulling no punches-let's be for real in Israel and the throne of Reuben and spiritual common sense relative to Slavery-the international debt and land-freedom and Independence. If you ask members of the organizational secret societies upon which religious houses are based and built they will tell you what I did and claim never happened-what they will tell you is we're all the same-God loves unconditionally-in the name of Jesus or the X factor-meaning you don't know who you are but they do and they have everything covered and no one will be able to go through the eye of the needle-this because spiritually they have created utter chaos and warfare in the atmosphere and around the world-therefore you must submit to them! But now let's deal with the truth-plain and simply put-they are the ones who sold Israel out to the nations of the World-because of selfishness envy and greed-they have become thugs and gangsters in the name of religion! How do I know this? Because they are taught Spiritual truth of the nations - God and the Divine Creation-they know God chooses whom he pleases on his time. They know what we did when we walked the Kings Highway and crossed the Jordan-they were and are so envious and angry they imploded because we were never apart of their organizations whether Greek-Masons-Shrinedom you name it-their job was to kill me off so that my actions-through the spirit of my God and faith would never be known relative to Abraham Isaac and Jacob! Pulling no punches if I don't come forth with this truth they won't and never will! They can't and won't challenge my wisdom action and truth-its God given and slavery is over. If slavery is over what is their purpose-what is their foundation? Mine is related to slaves-the land and what they're due. It's not a game it's not folly and I'm not pretending to be something I'm not! I see no value or purpose in representative's of black folk-leaders working for the slave masters talking-having town meetings after town meeting while situation remains the same with no solutions while victims told and shone as criminals lied to and on abused and misuse.! What's with these so-called educated leaders? If I see it the people affected feel it and the world knows it! Truth is they are all living high at the expense of the innocence-throwing rocks hiding their hands! Pulling no punches-let's open the eye to those who thought our wisdom and knowledge was controlled in their cesspool of nothingness as they check some of the nations listed on this blogger including nations in the east control by the mind set of Esau and Ishmael-who hate Jacob with a passion. Prophecy states there will be fire in the front of you-around you over your head and all sides-but you must go through it! I know it having done it when I found the Kings Highway-crossed the Jordan and took the throne! Let those who claim it's a lie claim it-do it! Knowledge is not hidden nor is the truth. Countries listed...United States-China- Germany-Russian Federation-Ukraine-UK-great Britain-Korea Republic HongKong-France-Finland-Japan-Netherlands-Indonesia-Switzerland-Ireland-Macaw-Mexico-Brazil-Belgium-Israel-Jordan-Egypt-United Arab league- United Nations-Saudi Arabia-United African league-Iran-Iraq-Syria-Denmark -Belize-Common Wealth- South Africa-Bulgaria- Romania-Czech Republic-Hungry-Austria- Australia-List will do for now more will come later! This is no lie who's telling the truth-who's telling the lie...who's serving the Devil" -two! Try thirteenth tribe-protocol of Zion-Choice...then tell God he lied!" Reuben Son of Simeon(@) 5/15/2011 Seed of Jacob Reuben Beckles

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pulling No Punches-Black Power - slavery In America Fact-Truth-Sixties – Now- Future Relative To Seed Of Jacob Spirit

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Fact-Truth-Sixties Now-Future Relative to Spirit-Seed Of Jacob

For some time now, I've been speaking and writing the who and what of slavery in America its ills and possible solutions. This has been done for the benefit of self and kind as Reuben-son of Simeon from the twelfth house of Israel! This is no joke I am not playing games! At some point men of character and value must examine themselves and truth relative to the nation-time-body politics-religion-education and economics in the arena of governing disciplines. We have all witnessed much talk across the land in town hall meetings-television and radio programs-newsprint-on street corners and among ourselves-this in the mist of utter chaos-mistrust-lies and utter deceit concerning Black-Blacks and slavery-suggesting slavery was a long time ago let's forget the past and move on! Where? With what foundation? These are a people stripped of everything-brought here in chains and shackles against their will-after being sold out by their own kind. Europeans could never have found their way into the inner part of Africa-nor the otter part unless given permission by those blacks in control who got paid-then and now. Their problem-they won't admit this fact-truth! The continent is going through hell today because of it! Today the off springs seed of those people here in America clamor-demand freedom-justice-land in the form of restitution-reparations and everything America has to offer in the form of well digging equipment-seeds-tractors-medical supplies-what ever else is required by the slaves in this nation to help build their civilization and lives as we see fit relative to our mind set spiritually! This is to include gold-silver-diamonds-platinum as starters for nonpayment of free labor with compounded interest-also for activities of barbaric proportions-then told you're free. To do what? With what? Live among demons who created a society of non acceptance of black. Handed a Constitution of exclusion-a religion called the X factor controlled by black Judas sellouts-run by colors in the pay of their white brothers whom they beat to maintain order for their American and European slave masters who wax fat at the expense of Blacks who had been stripped of everything and given the language the American Indians call fork tongue. We can witness this activity today as colors and whites have their way with black females in the form of integration and freedom giving colored women the spirit and nature of Isis to take and break the black man's spirit so that the whites and colors under identity theft would be able to claim the birth right and land of Israel under the prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob! The Black land and mind set given to Jacob-known to Esau and Ishmael would be replaced with a white image-with so-called white purity-naked behind and breasts-or tight panties-while the black woman walks around arrogant as if in total control with all nationalities claiming black man is nothing! "Lest We Forget" lets break it down under Black Power and Truth pulling no punches! The question was asked of yours truly, how did we come to this truth and wisdom? I will not throw a rock-pretend then hide my hand-here it is...from the womb I've always thought highly of my self-not knowing why I just did. In the early sixties I went to work for the 'Herald Dispatch Newspaper" a Black weekly own By Mr. Stanford Alexander-I worked for him not his wife who was the editor-I quickly found out she didn't have his experience Knowledge or wisdom-but very intelligent. Today in certain quarters I find she was thought of as the head-not so! I sold advertisement ads-and learned what most people never learn in a life time-relative to economics-education and politics as it relates to Black folk and their being(slavery and pitiful!) with Watts as the center of police brutality-rotten foods-decaying schools-over the top interest disrespect for it's people! We worked well together finding we had allot in common-both being men of action. As one of my most important mentors he showed me many things-told me very little-always stating...stick with me-I'll show you prophecy! Negros in America are one hundred fifty years behind the times in this form of slavery no other Man or peoples on the planet have been made to suffer and endure but the time is almost up. When the time comes for change I'll tell you and you'll know...if you don't mentor left it at that and said no more. I had no idea black Judas sellouts were working with Whites-coloreds and others to maintain slavery in their religions and secret societies to destroy Black and prophecy along with the seed of Jacob-as they did not believe in the prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob- re veiled by the spirit of God-I might be getting ahead of my self-so be it-First it was "Watts" Then "1968 and the "One Day War"Prophecy is real! The Identity thieves of what's called Israel found their army wiped out trying to steal the land of Israel-the land Dr. King spoke of when he told the world he had been to the mountain top. I didn't know nor was I told Blacks were to be Identified as African Americans-relative to Negros making it possible for black Judas sellouts from Africa to make money come to America and pretend to be blacks here whom they has sold out from the get go-knowing they would be accepted in religious quarters-thereby subverting the real revolution of freedom-then rob us totally of our Man Hood! These pimps and punks were part of the same sissies that sold then gave Black spiritual knowledge to the Kennedy family-same folk who sold us out to the Caucasians of Europe and the Zionist of pretending Israel in exchange for the insanity of so-called Civil Rights and integration for the slaves who worked-never paid-no land-nothing, but now a free man among demons-chasing the behind of the white woman! The die was cast and the exchange got President Kennedy and his brother Bobby wiped out paving the way for a colored black President in the person of 'Barack Obama"-Prince Hall Mason-and no solutions for the real Black spiritual Revolution of Freedom and Independence. It was Bobby while in South Africa, asked the questioned what would happen if the people found that God is Black? This was before the release of 'Nelson Mandela" who was suppose to be in Jail but was seen in the Hills walking among his people! Even before the news got out about President Kennedy's murder my mentor-Mr. Alexander knew it and I felt it a week before and didn't know I realize your truly was apart of that spiritual sellout! The morning of the Presidents death-I received the call from Mr. Alexander who stated" When they shoot your leader down like a dog-and you do nothing-you're next! My response...what in the world are you talking about?? I had been with this Man for sometime and he never made this kind of connection- what did he know I didn't-I would soon find out when he stated be in my office at seven in the morning. My appearance time was normally nine o'clock. The same Man who had shone me truth in Prophecy-set in motion my Judgement and departure within the 'Rapture' and the 'Kings Highway!' When I returned to these shores I sent certain information to the late President Johnson in the White House-Justice and State Departments for the freedom of Black slaves in America-receiving from him that he and others had received our information. A little while later with the 'Vietnam' war raging-President resigned knowing the truth and ramifications of Divine Spiritual power that not even Israel could hold in check the games so-called Black leadership was and is playing. That the games that were beaning played across the board was heaped in folly-doomed to fail-he stepped down! Now you the readers are informed as to the who-what-why of the current state of affairs of Black folk and slavery in debt-to whom?...crying moaning lynched castrated-water hosed kicked attacked by dogs beaten misused and abused-talking- whats up America-we just want in the burning house as Christians-many moved into Islam lost their spirits as I was thrown in jail to lose family and home-charged with crimes I never committed set up by black and white-set free by God in prophecy! Pulling no punches-now is the time of separating wheat from chaff-truth from lies-pretenders and hypocrites...does a fish swim up stream-is a pig pork-is a elephant heavy- does a zebra change colors to mate with a gorilla? Time has come to be for real and stop pretending. If you reject this truth and wisdom you're telling yourself and the world you're a phony with no balls and want nothing to do with wisdom and truth! Don't knock on my door with your unconditional love going no where-I'm not home! Bare and carry your own cross of folly even a child is aware of truth. I did indeed walk the Kings High way-crossed the Jordan and took the throne in a relation to Divine Will and a people long overdue true Justice for land reparations and restitution in relation to Abraham Isaac and Jacob's Israel. There are those who claim my activities couldn't-didn't happen because this action of truth came in spite of their secret societies and religions while they were talking and making claims-who gave me nothing to feed my family-not even a crumb or bowl of rice to feed my family! If those who claim this is not true and they have knowledge-let them do what I when through if they have the balls and return with real wisdom not with Identity theft in fire air earth and water. The wisdom and truth of the real Tsunami-God and Prophecy in Black Power Is! Land and Throne not for sale! cannot-will not be taken-can't be killed and destroyed! Only God given in truth! Reuben son of Simeon Seed of Jacob (@) 5/ 14/2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time And Situations Changing relative to Black Slaves in America

Everyone has or should have value and purpose in life-especially in America-called land of the free-one nation under God. In my last Twitter-my reader's and follower's were told yours truly (Reuben-Son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob) was no joke, not here to play games-nor pretending to be someone I'm not concerning Identity theft or a slave suggesting sovereignty as a Black man who walked the Kings Highway beyond the Jordan-relative to Watts and the"One Day War". I don't intend to pull punches now or in the future just to pacify wannabe slaves and pretenders-black or otherwise for political correctness-going along to get along. These are fools who don't care for themselves nor others-fools who have no balls-no understanding of Justice -History-Economics-Man in relation to God and time-fools who under in the name of Political correctness play games in religions-secret societies-politics-education and the pot of stew called integration-all ending under the cesspool of folly-destroying themselves-children-future and nation! Pulling no punches-these scumbags hold town hall meetings month after month-year after year-talk for hours with no solutions-especially for Blacks-who were and are the only group of people who were bought to these shores in chains and shackles-stripped of everything-including Land -families-culture and language-then labored by force! To this day-they the slaves and their descendants never got paid! Told they-We-were free with nothing among demons who knew we were not the same and would never be the same-there would be no real foundation to sustain this insanity. A class based on color and a monetary system doomed to fail from day one was put in place-free labor and Identity theft-gave rise to fear and sustained by religion to this very day as Slavery remains. The nation remains in and on high alert-in debt-decaying schools-economics and politics -same sex marriages-roads gone to pot! Tsunami-whether and floods abound destroying food stuffs and land-as leaders and Bankers think they have everything under control including the slaves-telling the world we live in a nation of Laws! Laws for whom? the Just-the innocent-or slave masters-the pretenders-the Banker's? To keep the Slaves busy, nation remains on high alert in uniforms chasing terrorists around the world-killing folk in distant lands-destroying the peoples and cultures making what is known as democracy a better and safer place-for whom? Certainly not the Slaves-they're living in quiet pain-until they wake up one day and say(too hell with it!) I'm Black and proud-I want-demand my land on my continent-where I control thought -policy under my feet-over my head-on both sides -to be completely free-my kind-my God-Sovereignty! If this is anti-anti, so be it! Pulling no punches-freedom is what it is! Ask the countries reading this blogger at this moment around the world-if this is hate-as yours truly has no intentions of fighting in another land-another people for the benefit of the slave masters telling me this is a nation of Laws blowing smoke up my nose! Reuben-seed of Jacob-son of Simeon (@) 5/11/11 Reuben Beckles