Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Phoney's-Liars-Hypocrites Under The Umbrella of Black

The twenty first century has come and if we are suppose to listen and follow the leadership of black folk in America-folk who think they're free, then I say, we are all doomed especially if we are taught that our future is in the hands of Jesus or the white boy is the devil. If Jesus said pick up your cross and follow and none has picked up the cross while they and others join the arm services of the devil to blow folk up and off the planet destroying their cultures and land then I know somebody is in big trouble. There are plagues and poverty all over this land of opportunity-opportunity if blacks keep other blacks in ignorant which tells us that there is something more than just saying you're black! Where did you come from and how did we get here and why do we claim a burning house that does not belong to us? It's the leadership-the sellouts -the blind leading the blind into the pits of dispair. These same leaders claim to have religous-spiritual knowledge-yet they promote slavery-for this they recieve big bucks in the form of jobs and money, ie Reparations. When the people become spiritually awake you will be known as terrorists-for just being-a trouble maker. If you are chosen to take an action because of prophecy rooted in your history and ancestery the society and those in power who control the political and economics along with the educational system will create a conspiracy to destroy you...this is factual. What throws them off is -Divine intervention-out their hands, completely over their heads. Most of us play games with religion and history and we go to our religious houses after raising hell and acting on ursury doing the week and coming out after the sermon talking and smiling on a feel good thing not knowing it's rooted in masonry and shrinedom among other knowledge and nothing to play with as it is the corner stone of spiritual character and wisdom upon which nations are built. so this is much more than being under the umbrella of being black. It's like saying the Jews and Hebrews-Isralites in their spiritual original state are the same and white when nothing could be farther from the truth-or justice is nothing but a word! And this is the essence of the black problem in America-it's called identification-knowing who you are where you are and the prophecy of Abraham- Issac and Jacob and the sellout and change over during the Sandhedrin Counsel-the Greek sellout of the Black man here in America to the Egyptians by way of ISIS who was working for what is called the state of Israel and the Zionists. Her job was to destroy Jacobs seed-the black man and the blackman all over the world. Her main focus was the spiritual house and land of Reuben on the East side of the Jordan. The conspiracy failed and now you have a Divine problem under the black umbrella here and all over the world. We did indeed cross over- in judgement and divine intervention knowing the phoney's-liars and hypocrites are doomed to-fail and land and reparations is in your book of revelations. Reuben 5/24/06

Sunday, May 14, 2006

How long will the truth remain buried and a mystery in America Black Folk

Why is there a problem on all fronts for black folk in America, especially when it comes to the children? To answer this problem I must share a little wisdom of myself having lived on this planet in my present condition for seventy four years-groomed by a black newspaper business man along with my spiritual ancestry. When I was ready for action by growing into manhood, I was told, be observant, read scriptures, learn the game of chest and respect yourself and all men! Most people believe in ursury but do not believe in divine prophecy-be patient and I will show it to you-but in order for you to believe and know it, you must do as I ask you-your faith-your God is real ! When the time came he became a giant and said now is your time-the time. You will travel east, west, north and south...there will be a fire in front of you and a fire behind will be engulf in the fire on both sides of you but you must go through it til you find the Highway and your destiny in the door-many are called few are chosen-do not miss the door! I live today because I did not miss the door. Today, black folk still proclaim, this is their country-their land-completely over looking their history on this land. They were sold on the continent by black greedy profiteers to thugs and gangsters from Europe to land on these shores and came through unspeakable pain and suffering-given a religion and told-you're free! Today, based on color and money status you raise the children to serve and honor the slave masters and to hate themselves. You compound this insanity by suggesting we are all gods children on the plantation and that we are equal with nothing ! You say to me- I don't want to hear this-that's past history things have changed why keep bringing up the past? I say to you and your learned colleages-if I attend your schools from grade schools to and through your universties I will not be given a diploma unless I learn about white folk and their grand and glorious past-their country and how I serve the devil! These folk are determined to keep the many ignorant through religions, Educational institutions, politics and the policies and laws they create-this includes the homes in which many live. Most of these folk who claim to be your institutional leaders, influential national and community leaders, keep you begging, pretend they are working in your behalf but really feel nothing for you and your state of being and hoped you would have died yesterday whle they proclaim the soverienty of Jesus, God and Love!...promising you goodies in the great beyond while they accept their goodies in the name of faith based organizations and Reparations ! Consider this and this is just one example of how many of these association and institutions keep the people blind and dumb...last year, black christians churches in the association across the nation pulled in over sixty to seventy billion dollars and counting and didn't create a tooth pick factory-grow a tomatoe and didn't create a loaf of bread from the ground-they're crying poor while the farmers are losing their land-land they thought was theirs! Politicians are claiming along with others that they believe in and are working for reparations for black folk but they are not claiming the land from which you were taken ...God given! In many cases they're claiming they can't find the decendants of slaves to whom reparations is owed after all that free labor, yet fifteen million dollars was given to Representative Conyers to steady slavery ...bill#hr40 knowing that the politicians under this system will never past his legislationyet, they will past legislation in behalf of illegal immigration and not blink . Blacks claim they are of God and know God as they sit with the book of God in their hand where the word of God speaks directly to the issue of slavey...yet, they will not move on it! What good are your leaders who sold me out for trying to help solve a very serious problem . I paid a very heavy price with my life, spririt and soul but many of the people and leaders don't want the truth-however, prophecy and the door is real like the life and wisdom of truth it represents-sence you don't care-you don't know-you don't believe, you will walk through the door or perish. Reuben Beckles 5-14-06