Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Still 0n the path of Critical Analysis and Analytical Action/From The Kings Highway-'Lest We Forget!'

Black power-Black is Beautiful and I speak truth having lived it in action with God Self and Kind, in body, Spirit and mind!  Make no mistake, my speech and action, is for and about Black folk. Prophecy and seed of Jacob in Scripture and Historical,  Ancient Truth as Reuben, and my Spiritual Journey in the Rapture and Aliyah. Born in these  United States, a 'Black Man,' raised in the Spirit finding the Kings Highway, crossing the Jordan  entering the Door of Life, taking the Throne in such beautiful surroundings, I wondered, ' why was I surrounded by fire and smoke,.. but the Land and myself was never touched-even as millions if not billions of warriors were at one another's throats.  It was a situation beyond belief.  My journey was made before Dr Martin Luther King Jr made his announcement too the world that he was taken to 'The Mountain Top',  he Looked Over and saw the 'Promised Land'...but he wouldn't get there with the  (flock-people.)  The wondering in my mind became a knowing situation- he and his leader's leading the flock had been taken over by Satanic Demonic Demons and the flock would remain under 'White Supremacy' in a burning House!   All controlled by Atheistic, bloodsucking non-believer's right across the board whether in Islam-Christianity, or 'White Caucasian, Pretending Jews from Europe!  The real War has been going on for sometime. It's 'a Spiritual War' involving principalities governed by demonic monsters around the world who don't believe in Prophecy nor God in the Spirit of the Living most High.  These demons  want the Creation, but not the Creator.  They want to destroy the Prophecy and seed of Jacob's Israel!  The Principalities are your leaders who govern and use the flock as Pawns using color to divide and rule the  unknowing in Slavery. At the end of the day, destroy them.(Black!)  This is being done  through Wars and 'Anonymous Proxy.'   The Political System Of what they call Christianity.   Black folk, slaves in America, think, these monsters are really speaking for your best interest, until you examine the record and face reality-the truth.   You have no Land to call your own. No financial institutions called banks.  No substantial means of communications...T.V Stations, real ownership of Newspapers, Radio stations, Manufacturing outlets producing goods for Marketing.  The list known and unknown is endless!  You don't even own the Schools or Universities your leadership claim as Black!   What you do have, is a lot of Religious houses and education where Movie Stars are claimed to be made and paid like athletics Millions are paid to entertain with no pride in doing for self and kind but to offer one's self on the auction block and beg-then cry when the devil demands your soul and spirit, you thought was  nothing!  Who lied to you...your conscience or the Devil?  What good are billions and millions if the people you come from and represent, languish in poverty   and a dream only to find you're not recognized and are being kicked to the  curb with worthless land spirit and no God!...fighting God, Prophecy, Wisdom, Truth and your History in Land, Restitution and Reparations!  Take a lesson from a entertainer called ( Yasiin Bey-Mosdef) on the land in South Africa that Nelson Mandela gave to the Zionist of Europe in the name of acceptance.  He sits in jail, detained by Black folks to benefit White folk as a citizen of the world.  A Moorish Muslim-on the Land of the Blacks can't leave the country and America doesn't want him in the Land of the free and home of the brave! figure it out Black Citizens with no Land.   It's a Damn Shame! Time to Get Your House in Order!  This is the meaning behind the Spiritual Aliyah -Rapture being surround by Fire!  Do not throw away Your History-Blackness and Claim!  Israel Is Black Power, 'Black Is Beautiful"   Reuben,    Seed of Jacob, Sun  Son of Simeon!  A pig is still pork, a leopard doesn't change it's spots and a Devil is still a Devil!        Stay Well in the Faith          Reuben Beckles  (c) 1/25/2016            

Friday, January 22, 2016

Black is Beautiful-Black power-Prophecy-Israel and Slavery relative to Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God!

All is well with self-I hope the same is well with you as we do some critical Analysis of world finances and Economics and what is owed to Black Slaves  in  America and our descendants for free slave labor and unmentionable atrocities! The name of the game on the world stage from those whom have benefited the most from Slavery and the Black debt is to over look-deny smile and pretend everything is under their control while European Nations Economies are stagnant dependence on the American Dollar and economy which is collapsing .  The American dollar  is no longer backed by anything of substance like ' Gold and Silver' with a strong foundation.  It's just ' Green paper' floating around the world as  an unclothe Harlot. It's now a debtor nation.  This is truth.  Russia and China are moving away from the Dollar as a stabilizing force of currency.  They're buying and selling their products demanding and backed by Gold. What many of these other nations refuse or don't want to understand,  is that they too, have incurred the 'American Slave debt with Compounded Interest, at today's going rates.  This is the American and worlds night mare!  All countries around the world have been doing business with America using the American currency whose foundation is Not Gold and Silver but  'Black free slave labor! '  ...a Debt Which Is Due and owed by all of them.  This is where things get murky and funny.  The Caucasian so-called White Jews is based on the People of the Scripture  who were and are Black.  They have come on the World stage claiming to be someone they're not!  They're are Impostors from Europe! They needed a land mass for the Gold and silver they stole from America,  using the identity of Black as part of White Supremacy!  In America if the Slaves were taught to read -write and learn other knowledge which was stripped from them as part of the slave trade, then as a group, it was punishable, by death.  The 'White Supremest Caucasians' who had gotten their knowledge of the Black Hebrews during the Sanhedrin Council, where knowledge and Spirits were changed by these blood sucking vampires, they then  entered the Land of the Blacks and made it possible for themselves-Moors- Black Judas Sellouts and Europeans Jesuits within the Vatican in Rome to carry on one of the most Animalistic forms of Slavery known to Man!  Not only in Europe but mainly in America where these impostors are now claiming the Ancient Birthright of Jacob and his lean age, his seed... the Black Slaves in America.  Not Gentiles or Mongolians but Hebrew Israelites (Blacks). If you recall the Story of Jacob and tells us that the Birthright was Jacobs from the beginning.  Their had to be a Judgment, showing that Esau because of his Mothers act became the First Born.  He didn't respect the Father nor the Birthright and sold it for a mess of Stew!  Finding the truth after the (exchange sale which was Jacob's in the first place) he's been mad ever since!  Slavery was so evil and horrendous in America with this White and Black shield of insanity that White Caucasians from Europe masquerading as Black Jews from Historical Scriptures, bought many Black Spiritual Soul for Jobs and organizational know how, keeping them from under strict domination of the so-called' Civilized Christian Gentiles!'  This impostor was able to secure most of the land in what is known as 'Palestine-Canaan...Israel!'  Had these lying impostors as bloodsucking vampires Jews been successful in the 'One Day War 1968' along with the Dethroning of Isis-the Book of the dead and Taro Cards, there would be no more Blacks on the Planet Earth!  ....the Gentiles would be in worst  shape than they are now!  That War, represents the true end of Black Slavery, the emergent of the true Blacks Israelites relative to the 'Throne, Land and Twelfth  House of Reuben!...  In Prophecy. The Spiritual Rapture Aliyah ....all in Jacob and Prophecy!  The world is now coming to gripes with the' I Am That I Am -The Living Most High God!'  Egypt's President Adul Nasser before his death asked the Question of the world and his Countrymen.  ( How Could the Hebrews leave Our country Black and return White? "  Anwar Sadat' knew this truth and like Dr Martin Luther King Jr he gave in too people like Prime Minister Menachem  Begin  he  signed a peace Treaty giving in to a  (White Jewish impostor.)   The Catholic Jesuits...Spiritual sellouts of Ethiopia  were part of the Vatican.   What about those Black Clergy of the  SCLC and Black Boule{Money Men) and faith based organization known as Bishops, Ministers Deacons sitting on this powder keg?  Do they not know the truth?  This is the meaning behind Ex President 'Lyndon Johnson stepping down...why Ex  President Kennedy was shot and the world is in the present Financial Chaotic condition as the Slaves are demanding Land Reparations and Restitution!   The Black Slaves whom the world has used misused and ridiculed living in the Dog House as Pigs' with faith. Same as Jacob in his dealing with Esau as well as his Uncle. Leaving Jacob and his people  very wealthy people after the separation.  The hypocrites during the time of Christ were all non-believer's, yet, they woke one morning to fine there was 'No Rock-No Body and no Spirit! Revelations tells us, you're wealthy but you talk, around, over and about truth, acting on nothing of value.  No lie trick and no game!  Soul to Soul-Spirit to Spirit-love self and kind ...the devil is still a devil and a Leopard doesn't change it's spots (C) 1/22/2016    Reuben  Seed of Jacob Man- Sun, Son of Simeon.   In the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Black Power!  Black is Truth and Beautiful!  Stay well .                      Reuben Beckles

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Meaning behind Free Slave Labor the Long knife Armagedon Islam and the Catholic Church in Judea'

One would think with all the talk about the nobility of religion-secret societies-Mosques Synagogues and Churches in these U.S. of America the balance of life in the lite of Truth Justice and Equality would all reign supreme from the bottom up and across the nation.  In reality it's  a gigantic cesspool of lies deceit and deception geared for the destruction of a certain group and leanage known as Black Israelites( Hebrews from the seed of Jacob relative to prophecy in the faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob-Known too and by them as 'The Living Most High God!"...who is known to have over one hundred names...the last known only to the Camel.  Check the record you'll fine present day impostor's calling themselves Jews like the Arab Muslin in America and across the world-even in Christianity, do not recognize Isaac and Jacob in Prophecy!  They recognize Esau and Ishmael ( The Money Tree In Oil)... and first born in Isaac (Deception, relative to the  real history and the Birthright belonging to Jacob!  The Black Judas Sellouts was the denunciation of Christ and the resurrection of the Spirit and  Body. The stealing of the real Hebrews Culture and Birthright. The raising of White Supremacy with the knowledge and help of Judas who wanted (Reuben's Birthright in Israel) giving the world Israel, Black and White.  Not Lite, but Skin, which would give the Aryan  Nomads  a foundation they never had until they came in contact with Black!  This created the various movements of Zionism-Ashkenazim and Sephardi. Why the Pope on his visit to America, called this the nation 'The Great Experiment'.  The experiment was and is Black Folk and the denial of themselves in Chains and Shackles.  Black Slaves were brought to this land engineered and promoted by Black Judas Sellouts.  The Moors, who don't consider themselves Black was given free reign by Egypt. The Vatican-Egypt-ISIS and Ethiopia all played major roles in the destruction of Black Civilization and the rise of White Supremacy.  Let's be for real.  Greed lust selfishness, envy along with jealousy was the prime force driving  the great experiment  to steal the land culture language and everything belonging to Black Slaves.  To teach the slaves to read and write, learning anything about self and kind was a crime punishable by Hanging ( Death) in Christ! In the sixties the "Civil Rights Movement had become known as the 'Church and Black College Student non-violent Movement!  This is where weird and insane situations came into play because Black Colleges at the time were not Black institutions for Blacks ( Slaves).  These were institutions set in place  by the White Man's woman for his Bastard Children.  Fathered by her White Man. Thus...Creoles Mulattoes Octoroons Qua drones-anything but Black.  Today, the White Man has his Sons and Daughters claiming they're Black...trying to disown them.  White doesn't produce Black and he claims to love his image but produces everything but with few exceptions trying to keep Black folk, in Check!  This is why you have integration and so much weird stuff going down!  Why White Zionist so-call Jews do what they do as Impostor's being nothing more than European Caucasians.  Colored folk know this truth along with others trying to live Black, around Black, in Masons, Shriner's -Jesuits and Ethiopians in the Catholic Church.  Eastern Stars along with a whole host of other folk and nations whose job it is to watch and mislead Blacks so that when the time comes and the word  given,  Black slaves are to be wipe off the planet and those blacks who are left including Judas sellouts,   are to submit to Satan which they already have and White Supremacy!   Oop's !  The whole 'Conspiracy to Commit God Killing' in prophecy ' back fired in the Sixties.' These ' Bloodsucking vampire punks and sissies here and around the world were up set,, amazed and confused  when Yours Truly,  Reuben, Seed of Jacob Man Sun -Son of Simeon came through By Faith in the Spirit.   Showing them all, they're just a bunch of Lying sissies and Punks.  Hypocrites of the highest order. Around the world their plans failed!  They brought about their own demise in Armageddon!  We don't want their women-Land or Children to replace our Children and identity!  Those who partook in this massive scheme will reap what they have  sown!  The so- called war against Isis, like Vietnam  is a sham!...Korea creating situations for Black slaves to fight in wars not of their own making- giving them jobs selling narcotics to destroy the nation and people while one of their own is sent into a so-called Black Church to pray then shoots down some folk representing an entire congregation-saying Amen...'we for give you"  That's so far removed from Black thought that it's pitiful!   Soul to Soul -Spirit to Spirit ; Black is Beautiful!   Love Self and Kind!  Black Power in Land, Self Love - Restitution and Reparations!(C)  No Lie Trick or Game!  Plot to Destroy Blacks across the Planet failed-Our demands in Justice  laid out By The Supreme Lord Of the Living Most High-Can't fail and Prophecy Is Real!  1/14/2016     Reuben Seed of Jacob-Man Sun-Son Of Simeon in the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob!   Believe in Action or Not!  Trying to Destroy the Divine Creator because you want the Divine Creation in Black is pure folly!   Demands are Just or there will be nothing left but the Divine Creation and His Created !"   Black Power...Leopard  doesn't change it's spots and a devil is still a devil!                     Reuben Beckles       

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

From the foundation of Critical Analysis and analytical Action In Black!

The problem and solution for the Nation called the United States of America and the world, from my perspective, is one and the same.  Black Slavery-Black Solution!  Black is indeed Beautiful...wise and giving.  America as we know it today could never have existed without the envy jealousy, selfishness and greed of 'Free Black Slave Labor!'  What other group of people can claim the action and deeds performed by the Slaves, giving the foundation and structure to this Land that has become a beacon of lite-riches and hope to so many from around the world?  Black is truly Beautiful !  In arriving to these shores, on this land in chains and shackles-driven and pushed -worked like animals to achieve and make life better, not for themselves ...but for others.  So great was blacks ability to perform for White Supremacists, known as Slave Masters, that today, the Slaves and their ancestors along with We, their Black descendants are ear marked for death and destruction by the very people who have benefited the most by our actions.  Why?  Profound jealousy, envy and greed!  They have created a system of (White Supremacy indicating that no one else on the planet has done anything worthy of note but them and their kind!  How insane is that in lite of historical development and knowledge? This Man and people have become so insane that they can put you to death for looking at his woman  and go all over the world taking and having his way with every woman insight. Create Wars and situations where he blows up a lot of folk and Land, takes the resources to suit the needs of his people and culture in the name of Democracy and Freedom.  He has been successful in many Black Lands past and present because of Greedy Black Judas sellouts whom he uses as puppets.  He uses his woman as harlots to keep weak minded black males in line while at the same time blowing up black females minds as superior to a point where she will destroy her Man and family to support (White Supremacy!)  Neither of them recognize or see what the Foundation is doing to preserve the Love and dignity of Black self and kind...indeed, Black is Beautiful and Black Power is real in Action moving from the insanity of poverty in Watts to the Foundation of the Kings High Way and into the Prophecy and Wisdom of Israel and Jacob!  This while the forces of Esau and Black Judas sellouts were moving their satanic forces and energy to aid the forces of White Supremacy through the Civil Rights movement-Church, Educational and Political Institutions.  These are the same forces among Black folk who Sold Black Knowledge and intent to the Kennedy family, allowing the Presidents Brother Bobby, to go to South Africa and challenge the South African Government  by asking the "Question-what if we come to a certain point in time and find out' That God is Black?'...Oops! he and his Brother were killed-which was known by Mr Sanford Alexander of the Herald Dispatch newspaper in Los Angeles!  Also the same folk that set up the late Dr King Jr. A religious set-up that led the flock into this burning house!... why that movement took the turn for Jobs, no Land or real freedom from these monsters knowing a Devil never changes! That whole movement was and is tied to Islam and the Catholic Church of Jesuits who are Adept at creating havoc and chaos !  Check the Mulatto's, Creole Octoroon  Colored White Men Sons and Daughters tied to the Sephardi Ashkenazim  Zionists so-called Jews who are tied to the Mexican 'Treaty Of Guadalupe Hildago who sold their own people out for thirty  too fifty million dollars in Gold and silver. They don't want Blacks to Separate and leave these shores knowing they would end up with nothing!  To make matters worst the Black so-call leaders of the 'Black Continent' are now  selling the land and people out to other Nations for Reparations Money owed to Black Slaves here  in America, 'for unpaid free slave labor and atrocities'.  They to will fall to the hell of divine Karma!  Black is Beautiful and Black Power Is... What It Is!...No Lie game or Tricks! The dethroning of ISIS and the destruction of White bloodsucking phonies of White so-called  Israel and the 'One Day War of 1968' is just apart of what's coming  letting the world know that we affirm 'Prophecy is alive and well.' action!  That all Blacks are not asleep and will act when least expected for God self and kind!  Our Birthright and Land is not for sale at any price!  We live, move and act by faith in God of the Living Most High Self and Kind.  (C) From Black Power and the Foundation of Reuben and the  Twelfth House of Black Israel across the River Jordan in the Faith of the Rapture and Aliyah. Seed of Jacob ...Sun Son Man of Simeon.  Stay well-Love self and Kind.  Black is Beautiful!  Black Power!   1/12/2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

Giving Thanks For Critical Thinking In Action-From DNA to Present Day and Time

I give thanks for who and what I am to 'The Supreme Lord Of the Living Most High God'  My  Father Mother, as "Reuben Seed Of Jacob in Divine Prophecy.   Alton Maddox Attorney for the path to 'Critical Thinking and Mr. Sanford Alexander of the Herald Dispatch!  Exposing me to Truth and Action.  Others, too numerous to mention as I believe in giving Credit where it's due.  I recognize the truth of My foundation and the Roots of Slavery it represents here in America  in chains and shackles.  all it's attending ills.  As a consequent speaking one language! what's the problem ?  Slavery is still in full effect but in a different form.  Education, Politics Religion, Finances relative to the Continent and Land of the Blacks!  One of the main Critical Problems relative to Black thought is that, so called 'Black leadership across the board in  the homes don't see themselves as Black with  conscience ability to move in action benefiting self and kind.  No other folk on the planet talk as much and act on such foolishness as do Negro 'wannabe Black folk and at the end of the day end up with nothing but integration and talk at the feet of other nations who come to these shores taking care of their business...while Negro  Blacks, talk, moan and groan-Cry woo  is me, even  while some of us put our minds, spirits and soul on the line for truth and real freedom!  What then is the Solution to an obvious problem?!  Admit-you are the problem  You don't love yourselves and kind.  You want integration to be White Caucasian, something you're never be.  Bleach can't help you!  You're married, but as Men, you don't have a help mate or a woman willing to help you channel your children's minds and acts into real freedom with Land and the ability to create jobs and a future for self and kind where you and family are responsible!  As it is now-Male men are just played as are Female Women-removed from the homes so that the Man is shone he's of no value-nothing  languishing in a life of Jail-Homeless on dope or in some distant land fighting for something he calls Freedom while his so-called black woman does the bidding of white folk as their lover which includes having his children in your name!   If they are yours, she'll hide them refusing your input...receiving certain knowledge through the religious houses or secret societies with the perception of raising them for a Nation  of free men and  (to their detriment-because they'll never find out who they are until it's too late( behind bars!)  ...listening to Creoles  Mulattoes Octoroons, Jesuits and Judas sellouts controlling the Catholic Church.  White Money and White thought in the Nation of Islam-pretending to be Black!  Bishops and Negros wannabe Black Clergy in the so-called Black church taking your Hard earned Capital-pimping you week after week in the name of Jesus.  They shoot you and your children down-leaving you weeping 'Black Lives Matter!'....If they really Matter, why are you hating their Father?  Why are you raising every one Else's children but your own-knowing these other Nationalities hate you?  ...Trying to prove integration?  Where is the real communications between Black Male and Female when you talk Finances then enter a business and beauty salon owned and operated by Asians and buy fake wigs-finger nails while getting your feet done as a bonus knowing these folk don't  accept your Man but embrace (you) with open arms!  Just an example of pure folly in my Journey of Critical Analysis of Black thought and action to the detriment of 'Black folk' with no positive Solution!...Still Slavery!  Eye's don't see-Mind not functioning!  If you know the truth and must fight for it...Stand on your own!  Do away with integration and look at your real foundation.  ( How were we brought to this Land and for What Purpose?)  After all the Hell-who built the foundation of this land  after given one language. When were you paid and why is a debt still owed to the slaves and the ancestry or do you feel we're all the same?  If so, keep talking, but don't knock on my door!  At a certain point in time I know things cannot and will not remain the same.  I believe I know,  like the  Spiritual truth of Abraham Isaac and Jacob God is real.  Check my record, I know because of personal action taken by faith.  I also know there is a time for talk to end and personal responsibility to begin for real.  Justice and freedom will end this insanity as was the case with and in my Spiritual Rapture-Aliyah against Isis and these Black Judas sellouts and their White Zionist Bloodsucking Vampire Brothers, calling themselves Jews!  All this will be wiped out...this is not just talk-leave that to the imposter's and phony players-but I will tell you and the world of truth and knowledge Satan, the Vatican-Egypt and Ethiopia are playing for real  and so is the (Supreme Lord of The Living Most High God!   They want Jacob Seed and Birthright-keeping the people poor and dumb!  Action by Reuben, caused them all to fail!... Seed of Jacob(C) 1/11/2016.   From the door of Life and the Kings High Way' Love Self and Kind... Sun Son of Simeon -Man!   Restitution Reparation Land!   Reuben  Beckles 

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The New Year/ Question-Relative to Slavery And the Debt of Free Labor/Who Are You?

The above title seams simple until you look yourself in the mirror and question the actions in your life and the people around you?  Personally, I've always felt good about myself and never questioned it-until now!  From within and without...A Man, family Man!  Responsible and always curious. So when I say truth and personal observation I'm coming at you as a Man-Black Man in Prophecy relative to the Hebrew Nation of Israel-from the Twelfth House and Land of the same name beyond the Fertile Crescent-Seed of Jacob-Man Sun-Son of Simeon-in the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob-Behold The Son...he who grew up by the water!  Why do I take this approach ?  Because of the lies and deceit-bald face hypocrisy that surrounds us night and day. Tells us we're all the same-all is well.  Then I say, all who? Why the chaos?  Why the insane condition of certain peoples and not others?  Why do some have so much and others nothing?  I come from a Black family of nine.  When my Father and brother died I was inform by this system they were 'Caucasian!'  Knowing better I had to raise hell to set the record straight.  My first marriage produced five children. My second (Isis...none.)  My third two daughters and a foster Son.  Slavery, cause and effect along  with the dissolution of my marriage turned my life around causing hatred, jealousy and envy!  I ended up in jail for non-support and abandonment.  Not belonging to any organization I had no idea as to their effect on people like myself ...Churches, Mosques, Synagogue's Secret Societies like Masons-Shriner's and the like. In silence,  revelations came while in jail and working for a Black newspaper in action.  My services was never given to any organization in action or other wise in defense of this land or nation, yet, I understood and understand the 'Conspiracy to Commit God Killing and Prophecy using People as cannon fodder. ISIS -Identity theft and the Name of Jesus and Islam along with the Greek Sororities and fraternal orders because my first wife was apart of them as was my Twin Brother under Elijah Mohammad.  They all had knowledge of and about me that was never shared with me and to my surprise while in Jail  both my Twin Sons ended up in the arm forces of these United States. One in the Navy and one in the Army!  Now think about this...I never entered the Armed Forces, but my Sons entered using my First( God Given Name...REUBEN) !  When I spoke to them about this because I hadn't seen them as their mother would hide them when I tried to visiting them not knowing the game was to have them placed under the authority of White Supremacy  and lead them into the Land of their Father Cross the Jordan!  It all failed!  Now the world is engaged in a War they will never win as my Land and people are not for sale and slavery is over! Who are you?  You laugh, say this 'dude is weird'!  But the question remains,' what has Slavery done to you...Who Are you?'  (C) 1/5/2016   Reuben Seed of Jacob  Man Sun Son of Simeon   Stay well-love self and kind!  From the Kings High way and Door of Life.  This is a Divine Spiritual War-it's not a Game -it's not a's no Trick!  The 'One Day War Of (1968) was real-  The Defeat of White Supremacy Israel and Isis trying to take our spirit and Soul Was real trying to promote the 'Book of the dead!'  The Kings High Way and demands of Reparations Restitution and Land for Black Slaves in America with Compounded Interest' is real as is the' Supreme Lord of the living Most God!  Watts was real! The Satanic Forces of Esau, can never have Jacobs birthright. Black Judas Sellouts in sheep's clothing from Europe forever lost in their lying sink holes in the Middle East are through and can no longer say("things are getting better- we're all brothers!)    Recuse yourselves from the planet and the Universe!!  You have lost this war!'      Reuben Beckles

Saturday, January 02, 2016

New year has come-big changes in the making-relative to truth and unpaid debt of Black Slavery!

The beginning or end for those gone astray pretending Independence and  Freedom in this time and year of (January 2016)...Big Ben Carson-out!  Pretending and lying to White electoral White folk was never going to hit the mark-after all they've got a supreme wannabe' in the White House to keep the Status of Negroes in their place as Black folk going nowhere but hell with their eyes wide open-Educated and looking for a Job!  So-called Black communities across the land have been totally integrated for all practical purposes as white folk and their bankers from around the world supply Black Slaves every need in business-finance -education-religion-military-government-sports and entertainment ...all with Reparations money and thought because no Land is wanted for Black self,  governed by those leading the flock, as leaders.  Their role is to maintain Slavery!  Little did they know and understand that a Leopard doesn't change it's spot and a Devil is still a Devil.  Time relative to Prophecy and the end of Slavery is over!  Even the Devil is no fool knowing he can't continue the lies, deceit and game playing going for ever as he and Satan attempts to clean his house  of  his right hand buddies...Black Judas sellouts and these lying So-called Jewish Imposter's by using the Roman Catholic Church-Ethiopia the creators of Egypt, Christianity and Islam.   Using the format of the entertainment world, Hollywood is leading the way by selling its top money making (Black Judas sellouts) to the Wolves who took the money giving up the real knowledge of freedom and Black Truth, knowing this was not our land and Culture knowing we came to these shores in chains and shackles.( All for fame, money, sex and drugs... right across the board they sold the Truth and  Black Nation out!...With Bill Cosby leading the pack! If you think Hollywood is something consider why so many Black Men are not in the homes where they have Fathered so many children.  Homes, where females are claiming to be head of household.  What Man or Men is she receiving knowledge and information from?  Lawyers and those within the jaws of secret societies-churches and the court system-make it possible.  They represent the Man, telling them..."leave the Man-get him out of the home and we'll help you!"  Across the country look at the end result -no men- but babies'.  No men-Jails are full!... 'Wars being created-Black men fighting and dying.  Homeless, for whom and what?'  The politicians and educators talk Reparations in the form of money and the distribution to their pockets like the "Good Rev. Nowadays" without a hint about the land from where we were  taken nor any mention of those among us who helped these bloodsucking vampires facilitate our present condition knowing it isn't the money-that's truly important, but, the Land and identity!  Today, there is a war going on in the name of (Isl-Isis) whom your truly knows as do those  who are in the position of power calling the shots, know... Isis and her 'Book of the dead' was dethroned along with her position within the Taro Cards."  So who are the Nations fighting and for what?  They're fighting a loosing battle- 'Prophecy and the Black Man's Lands and peoples.  The Lands and Identity as Caucasian nomads is wanted by them to claim what's not theirs plain and simple (White Supremacy... Black destruction!  In short they're trying to enter the rear of Syria and gain entry into the Lands call (Israel of Scripture-in Black).  This is why so many Caucasians  are leaving in that  part of the world which includes Africa-Land of the Blacks).  Just as  these White imposter's failed in their quest in the "One Day War of 1968 along with Isis, America and her allies are fighting for acceptance and domination but will fail as imposter's on this front. You're looking at real freedom of Black Slaves...real Reparations-Restitution and Land!...Not this pretense of integration in America-because Black faces are entering this country from that part of the world!  No Trick! Black Lies!   Black Power! Stay Well, Love Self and Kind.  From the Kings High way! (C) Reuben, Seed of Jacob.  Man, Sun Son Of Simeon 1/2/2016  In the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob... In the Spirit of the  Living Most High God.  Take that to your Bank, With Compounded Interest. The Aliyah and Rapture is real-no Joke!  Justice or there will be nothing left for these lying hypocritical bloodsucking vampire Impostors!   Elephant is heavy and a Devil is still a Devil!    Reuben Beckles