Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Negro-African American Slaves in Action

What's with this -N- word that's got so many people in this country and around the world so shook up? Last time I heard the word, it was "nigga please"! It's silly and insane to think that so-called free men and women can be shook to the core because of an unspeakable (nigger!). Christians, Jews, Muslims, African American Negroes, White, Brown, yellow and Red-say it, use it and feel it! What makes this situation so ridiculous is that the African American Negro slave, is trying to suggest that he's a wounded Black man when we know they want nothing to do with the Black man! Let"s be for real...The Black man- Seed of Jacob, from the twelfth house of Reuben, came in under the Divine Seal of Black Power in this nation to become truly independent and free, thinking they were a part of him and wanted what the spirit of the living God wanted for them on their land...Not knowing all they wanted was to be accepted by secret societies, plantation owners-a job-a hot dog and enter the panties and pant of other nationalities saying, America, was and is, theirs! Now that they have integration and said their God was nothing, mean and hateful-they're moaning and groaning...Crying over the word ( Nigger!) From my point of view, these are men and women of color who not only hate Black Power but themselves! People who love everything and everybody other than themselves! These are phonies to the marrow of the bone and it took a white boy whom they love to let them know-to him and his kind-you're still niggers!...Sorry, plain niggers on his plantation-doing nothing, going no where...Greeting one another, with "how are you doing, dog? How's my nigger?" This repeated on a daily basis. The response from those who are suppose to be educated is sad and if these are the African American leaders-heaven help you! While you play games with words and party hearty with your religion your leader Dr.King stated, he ascended to the top of the mountain where God permitted him to look over into the Promised Land, but he wasn't crossing over and their would be some dark days ahead and he didn't know what was going to happen-this was happening while Reuben, of the Twelfth House of Israel fought the spiritual fight of Jacob and found the King's Highway, going up stream, crossed over, entered the door and Land and took the Throne of life-while these same folk who are crying about the word nigger, was saying Black Power was nothing! They are really crying because they know the wisdom of God has no loop hole-they missed the mark and the Land is real and they hate Black as they involve themselves as free men and women in a system where they own nothing and create nothing for themselves and kind-a system controlled by demons-all in the name of love! All in the name of love with no justice-being true African Americans-while refusing Black in America, which is Supreme in the Universe, they go all over the world to die and decimate peoples and cultures for the slave master-the latest being, Iraq, who was not guilty of causing (911) but the scheme is to use that as a staging area to take over the Promised Land of Jacob, House of Israel, for the crown of England, Rome and the Catholic Church-while playing shades of colors- Esau and Ishmael who hate the Prophecy and Jacob. While the Truth and Prophecy goes on in the form of God-Love and Black Power ...The African American Negro as a slave-one who refuses to grow up- cries-moans and groans and has everybody shook up about the -N- word-"Nigga Please"! Reuben Beckles .

Friday, November 17, 2006

Black and White Guilt! Harvest enjoyed by rainbow coalition!

Not to long ago there was a meeting held in Ghana by black intellects and scholars concerning reparations and the land of the blacks participation in the slave trade in, Africa! The Africans across the continent contend that they are not guilty the Europeans are and should be made to pay reparations! The reactionary problems arise because black folk in America, who were taken from the continent now known as Africa, are demanding reparations and land under spiritual and divine law. We are not suggesting that black folks on the continent did not fight the good fight when they found out they were being made slaves from the point of no return which was made possible by the envy, selfishness and greed by their noble Kings and Queens who controlled both the exterior and interior of the land mass. Europe could never have decimated the land and people without the help and sanction of those in authority! The fact that they, the sellers, got paid to rid themselves of a people they deemed a problem and the satanic buyer's who caused millions of death on the high seas on their journey to this wilderness of north America and the hell they sustained from then to now makes them both guilty! The key to the Blackman's demand for reparations in America is that he did not put himself in chains and shackles and sell himself into another man's land and culture as a slave to be brutalized, castrated, lynched-have families torn apart-starved and worked beyond belief while being denied every human and spiritual value. After a certain period of time the Emancipation Proclamation will free you with nothing-but you can however, join our armies-die for us in the name of our lord Jesus- Judas and St. Peter who denied our lord so that we can impregnate your women with our seed to sustain our life! What can your God and people say from the continent you came; they want acceptance from us, to be like us-they joined our common wealth of nations with we British heads in England-they gave us the knowledge, we call the shots all over the world. Are we kidding? Look around you as you fight for white Europeans, Blacks who think they're white-your women adore us! We ask, they give, value, social, political, economics, spiritual-the essence of their being! The question is who is guilty! Whites and Blacks! Why? Because we would never have been able to penetrate a land mass unknown to us unless we had help from those who controlled the land. It's the same as the land here in North America, with the people we call the American Indians. Decimated, yes...By some of you who are called the buffalo soldiers. So the question is...Are the blacks on the continent and the blacks in America the same, entitled to what we call reparations -land and restitution? We are the same as being descendants from that part of the world and land mass-yet, we are different spiritually, culturally, mentally, educationally and more importantly the knowledge and experience among a people that's not us on a land that's not ours as we yearn to be free on our own terms on our own land in relation to the covenant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-speaking from the prophecy which is divine -from the house of Reuben-Seed of Jacob son of Simeon.