Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Can't let month of June leave without questioning two sides of the picture in truth!

Slavery is very much alive as we move forward towards solutions -one side saying yes the other saying no...well maybe.  yet, the foundation of America in slavery can't be denied in black or white.  Blacks need and must have real freedom to build and make mistakes on their own terms-on their own land.  We're not Citizens, not acceptable, plain and simple.  But more than being Black we come from the Original creation of peoples on the planet.  Creators of Prophecy from the Creator brought forth in form and Spirit so high that you can't get over it -so deep that you can't get under it and so wide you can't get around it!...yet in some cases fallen so low, it's hard to believe it.  Truth is, at this point in time  Black folk have been going all over the world educating and building other nationalities and peoples-fighting and dying their wars-solving their problems until they've all but lost their identity-languishing in the dark on the bottom-begging moaning-groaning hating themselves-pretending they're free with nothing of substance.  Even your religious houses are under fire-this because of your so-called leadership who take and give you a dream filled with pretense and eternal death keeping you in denial and causing hatred between yourselves.  From across the waters from where you were taken you denounce the land that has everything you need-everything you'll ever want...God given!  You've fallen so low that Brown, White, Yellow-Red and every thing in between can use you against your own best interest.  Blacks loving self and kind can come among you with the truth for real salvation and freedom in Land -Reparations and Restitution and you'll kill them off or turn your backs preferring to live in poverty and pretended freedom in the pigs pen-leaving our children to fight the good fight.  What's so sad is that you helped to raise these monster Bloodsucking vampires who worked you for nothing. Broke up your families-lynched and castrated you. Lie too- on and about you-then told you- you never had it so good  as you wallow in a system on a land that's not yours as you fight and die to protect the devil's interest who can walk into your houses of worship tell you what to say- then blow you away and tell you he feels nothing!  You turn the page and show him self hate with"  We forgive you Massa'-we love you!"  Negro', you not only live in self are insane!!  This is why I tell you slavery is over.  KARMA in Spiritual  Prophecy  takes over... same as the bring Justice!! Other wise, their would be nothing Black and Original on the Planet.  As Reuben Seed Of Jacob Sun  Son Of Simeon I can say and mean  I don't live in a dream world of denial and I am not ashamed  of my Black Hebrew self and kind on the middle eastern-top part of Africa's land mass...Original House of Israel Created and protected by the Living Most High God!  Ask these White Blood sucking Vampires about the "One Day War-1968"  which includes the sink holes on the West bank of the Jordan.  It can't be both ways( it's either a lie or the truth) no dream!  What makes it so beautiful in truth is that they were claiming to be a people they're not!  They couldn't and didn't take the land they claimed was theirs.  They're not Original they're not Hebrew and Black.  They are Caucasian.  Convergence does not make them real even if they were aided by the Sanhedrin Council.  They are Impostors living in denial right across the board (wannabes) wanting to be Black and original-using the term Jews in Zionism-Ashkenazim-Sephardi to conqueror the world created by the Living Most High Creator !  They are Satanic lying greedy hypocritical monsters to the bone! There time has come to and end!  Their power rest in impersonation and money and haven't a clue too Wisdom -Love and Righteous Justice!  They are Adept at usury pretense and Denial-this includes Black Judas sellouts who will tell you this devil is his brother-Colors in Brown Red-Mulatto's Creoles-right across the board and they will reap what they have sown in Karma you can take that to the bank!!  Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun Son Of Simeon- Faith in and of Abraham Isaac and Jacob-Kings High Way!  From the "Door Of Life"-  Not a pretending Prophet by anonymous proxy....God Is Creator-Living Most High! Land Reparations Restitution. You can not commit  a crime and blame the innocence by destroying the innocence while living in denial of death, claiming to be free in life!  June is gone- Right and wrong Lives.           Reuben Beckles

Monday, June 22, 2015

Zebra never changes it's stripes nor a Leapard it's spots-what makes you think praying Negroe's will change the Devils telling us a Pig eating garbage somehow changes the DNA in Pork!

You would think time and experience would bring about a greater understanding of knowledge and wisdom relative to the Black man's understanding of his History in America.  But in the present day situation Black folk and the shooting of  (9) praying  Citizens in the Historic Black African American Church we  witnessing Black and White folk living in denial witnessing the highest form of folly and insanity. Holding hands praying to a White Jesus-their Savior, who walked through the door with a history of White Supremacy behind him a smile on his demonic face, he came to kill them all...and he meant what he said-blowing them all away except one! " He was tired of Black Men raping white women taking over America and southern culture: white privilege! " Can you Imagine this insanity!  How dumb and stupid have white folk become?  How insane have Black Negroes become to go along with this foolishness, changing the truth of History before our very eyes?  It was President Lincoln who told the Ancestors of the African Church he did not believe in Equality and the two peoples should Separate-it was the African Methodist Church and other religious entities who wanted nothing to do with Lincoln's reality, instead the Church fought to remain in this system of Slavery under White supremacy featuring a white Jesus and all that followed which included the death of (9) members within the church.  Family church members holding hands-talking love unconditional, we forgive you!...opening the door for more insanity while the F.B.I calls the act "a Hate crime".  The Colored President( Obama-talks about eradicating  the use of Guns!  Is that insane  or what...hell the entire land mass and culture of indigenous peoples were wiped out( With Guns)  !  Slavery and the Africa continent was raped and mutilated  for the benefit of the Black Judas sellouts in the Church along with these Blood Sucking Vampires of Zionism-Sephardi Ashkenazim  converts so-called Jews-who raped the women giving birth to Mulattoes-Creole octoroons for a pale white Jesus through the Catholic Church and wealth in money, condemning  every thing Black to be of no value other than death and destruction!  It was this same pale face monster whom they called Jesus that many a Black woman slept with had Children for  in the South. For along time she and this white monster held sway over the Black Man to which white females benefited while Black males were lynched, castrated, given deceases, put in  jails and prisons killed for just looking at a white woman.  Both  Black woman and White females know this truth. These white folk are now trying to lay at the feet of Black men, rapes and situations that won't wash, any more than saying Black Lands of Jacob's Israel in Prophecy belong to Caucasians-they're lying Bloodsucking- money hungry  hypocrites and they know it! Today, the entertainment arena and money making institutions in the field of Sports are being replaced by Blacks from central-south America and the African continent who don't consider themselves as Black and don't give a damn concerning the foundation of the American Blacks having no connection to the suffering endured by Blacks born in this demonic system.  Forget the past they say -move on!   The problems  with these Black-Brown-Red and yellow  punk sissies is that they have decided to help destroy Blacks here,  while integrating as White.  They're not standing for truth, opting to live in denial!  But God is Good...God is Great and the I Am Is!   When the time came forth and truth to be made plain  action was needed  to let these punk Satanic forces know who was in control and let the world know that prophecy in Black was and is real!  It was yours truly a Black Man who stepped up from the foundation and twelve Articles of Faith -a Pisces in truth of Abraham- Isaac- Jacob who came forth from "Watts"  Defeated Isis  in Her Book of the Dead-Trying to block my entry into the "Door of  Life"  and the King's High Way'  Destroyed the Army of Israeli imposter's, Army of Vampires -so Called Israel trying to cross over the Jordan into the House Of Reuben-Gad and Half Tribe Of Manasseh and take the Land- God Given, claiming it under their satanic ruler ship and land of Discovery! They're nothing but a bunch of lying sissies and hypocrite  same as these Black Judas sellouts thinking they would never be exposed in their so called secret societies and religious houses!  That's why I say 'Don't Knock On My Door With Foolishness and a Game-I'm Not At Home-No game Or Trick Here! You want nothing to do with Justice in Reparations, Restitution and Land... go find your melting pot in integration with Judas and your pale White Jesus Loving every body-regardless!  My truth is in my Action and a price paid when no body else came forth to claim anything relative to prophecy in the Aliyah-Rapture, not as a thief  hiding, looking to get something for nothing! Anonymous Proxy (C) Reuben-6/22/2015  Seed of Jacob-Sun  Son Of Simeon In Faith    The Devil Is Still A Devil and a Pig Is Still Pork.  This is why so many folk are walking around dead... in Denial!                Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

In Black power! Love to Love-Spirit to Spirit Soul to Soul Truth to Truth(God Is The I Am!)

To those who read my twitters and blogger I can assure you I do not speak folly or play games just to be heard.  I write what I know and seen in action and not by Anonymous Proxy hiding out in someone's name .  I paid a heavy price to be on this journey for personal Identification and freedom for self and kind!  I didn't choose me for this job I was chosen  for action that many were called for but ended in talk relative to divine prophecy.  What was the action taken-first walking the streets and neighbor hoods to find and understand the problems created by cause and effect(Slavery). Study of History relative too the unseen, known only to the I Am!  Second- curiosity and working for a Black Newspaper of Substance(Herald Dispatch Weekly in Los Angeles).I never pretended I knew something I didn't, knowing I was merely a student. I was a salesman and A GOOD ONE not understanding why I was being rebuffed on all fronts until my teacher said-"You're Reuben and Black from the Seed of Jacob-stick with me and I'll show you prophecy!  If you don't do as I tell you they're coming after you!  I laughed till  I cried...only to find Mr Sanford Alexander, the Owner and Publisher wasn't playing.  We drove the city and walked the streets.  in and out of old book stores-government buildings and offices-all in relation to selling ads in a newspaper that wasn't wanted.  Third, this created eye opening situations not seen by the naked eye and I was exposed to a whole new different world of people, situations relative to cause and effect-Slavery-Black Power and the so-called civil Rights movement. My only question was "why are we standing still -going for the dumb stuff?"  Ans.  It's not time...It's not Time! "  All these thing are happening ...but it's not time.  I'm feeling like a Stallion and we're being wiped out...but it's not time! Stick with me...I'll show you prophecy!  Forth, I continue walking the streets trying to sell our product to make a living.  It wasn't until President Kennedy was shout down in Texas when I was told to be in his office at seven the next morning-I was there at six- he was's time now.  I was given an ancient scroll told to go home and read the Scriptures and given instructions to follow. I covered Los Angeles and out laying areas.  Watts blew up In flames!  During my travels I was shadowed by some weird looking characters along with the police.  Sometime later while selling some products I was stopped by La finest told I was speeding which was a lie-went to court and I refused to pay.  I was thrown in jail and beaten beyond all moral belief in the down town dungeon left to die on concrete floor in solitary confinement naked. Truth is I didn't die.  Few weeks later I was in court convicted; charged with fighting the police while handcuffed in jail-six months later went back to court and was released  too find my family was no more!  But, I found I was on a mission. I was picked up six months later put in jail for one year. The charge; failure to provide for my family.  Then came a marriage  lasting six months. Using sex, the tarot card and "The Book Of The  Dead" she tried to take my spirit and failed which was the defeat of Isis! Walking the Kings Highway entering the door of life I crossed the Jordan into the Land of Reuben and sat on the throne  culminating in the one day War of 1968" defeating the White blood sucking Vampires of so-called Israel saving millions of Black lives and souls across the planet who were to be wiped out by Black Judas sellouts and their Mulattoes imps-Red and Colored White folk having Blacks covered all over the world.  Through our action, they too failed!  This  and more was done in the name of the I Am That I am- relative to prophecy.  This is why so many are in denial and want nothing to do with (Solution-Separation Reparations, Restitution and Land that represent Sovereignty, over your head' under your feet and on both sides of a free people!  Sometime later, another marriage took place.  Two children were born and I helped to raise a third birthed by the same lady. Together, we sent out information to all Churches and Denominations-Final Call-Black and White Colleges, Universities, Politicians Activists, Nations and The President of these United States with reference to the Unpaid debt of Black Slavery, Restitution, Reparations and Land in action. We made a tape called Freedom Black Freedom!  Cause and effect. Freedom on the on the table to one and all. Being in denial will not solve the current situation and Justice will exact a tremendous toll as prophecy in action is real-no Marches, Games and no Lies!  (C) Reuben 6/17/2015...Seed of Jacob Sun son of Simeon- Faith and prophecy in Black Power- Abraham Isaac and Jacob...what say you in this hour and time of Active truth? Land not for sale!  Talk won't get the job Done!                Reuben Beckles