Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Integration-Judas And His Promissary Note To The World

Integration is paradise for the Satanic, Demonic Devils Children. They are formed by the Black Judas sellouts who have no love for themselves. They want nothing to do with the knowledgeable-righteous Blackman. They label him as a know it all-full of hate cause he knows integration is the devil's playground-his foundation for his insane system!
Do what you will-do what you will, glory will be yours in the promised land-Jesus loves us all. Jews, Hebrews Israelites and Jacob(Israel) are one. This lie went around the world and landed with the slaves of America and their descendants! Casting their bread upon the water many Blacks coming from the prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob joined the Gentile Christians churches and Catholics who were apart of and promoted slavery. Along with this insanity were many blacks who work for and sold out to Caucasian Zionists and they claim today to be Semitic Jews-heir to Jacob-the Blackman land (Israel).
To understand history and the world today one must look at the various colors of men today in relation to their history and why the push for integration, especially, here in America, in relation to Divine Prophecy which many do not believe or want to understand. This is because the black slaves and their descendants are still slaves while the coloreds advance in the name of black receiving special status because of color- they are more acceptable and many have white fathers. Example-Civil Rights and the voting rights act-which relates to all forms of integration at the expense of black and black slavery is big business and blacks and their descendants were never paid for free labor and all it's attending ills. I was taught to respect and honor all men be they Black-Red-Yellow-Brown and White as they were and are not the same in Color-mind set-ways of thinking and doing things-came from and occupied different land masses, living under different weather conditions and the most obvious...Spiritual!
We mention slavery in this nation, because it was and is different from every other nation on the planet and regardless to what is said about it today, it continues. It continues even as the rulers claim this is a nation of Laws and free men with strong morals and spiritual values as the slaves serve the devils well. They pay supreme homage to a monetary and political system that undermines our very existence...A system that in the sixties was on the verge of wiping out everything black all over the world! Were it not For Reuben...Seed of Jacob who went to war spiritually, under Divine Law, while entering the land of Reuben and taking the throne as a Black man in relation to prophecy...The wipe out would have been complete because the blacks coming from these other parts of the world including the black Judas sellouts here hated themselves with a passion! They took the money-sold their birthright along with the land and persued the woman like ISIS and others who were taught they were as much man as any man! Today she's called free and loose-back bone of her man because she has none-but she loves Jesus! The sixties were profound because only the black man stood alone and said no more! Let justice be done in the form of Reparations and land in relation to prophecy and Jacob's seed! The war in the east was not done to get in the panties of a woman's womb or sitting down for a hot dog and integration-nor funny monies printed by this system or whoopie...Let's all go to the party and dance! It was to end slavery and stand on our land as a Man in relation to Divine Prophecy, loving ourselves and kind as Black. The real truth is hard to come by because of the Black Judas sell- outs lurking in the back ground in this nations organizations and structures with the coloreds-Creoles-mulattoes-octoroon and quadroons...none of whom consider themselves Black but rather of a privileged class over the blacks and they know it! They are all accepted by the demons of lies and deceit and have no problem pushing integration- which is not freedom for the black man who has his mind, heart and spirit together. Go to your spiritual book and find out what God said about the freeing of slaves-integration and land and who Satan and the Jews really are in relation to Black and these lying hypocrisies who are willing to sell you down the river on a moment notice while smiling in your face as they serve the devil. Consider the prophecy and the war raging in the middle east that no one want to talk about- on the land of the Blacks...Jacob(the true Israel). Most of the people here have sold out including those on the continent and choose not to admit it! Justice is very heavy and there will be a price to pay! The truth and prophecy remains the same! If what I've lived and say is a lie-prove me wrong, my offer remains the same! A million years of free labor from me and mine if I cannot use history and your spiritual book of the bible and prophecies from the Koran along with my experience through action that blacks in this country remain slaves and serve the devil! Again, this is not to be one sided ...I want and there must be equal value!!
Reuben Beckles@7/20/2006