Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Black Slaves of America-time to separate wheat from chaff

After deep thought and action on behalf of the black man in America, as it relates to prophecy, Independence and justice is to lay your truth down so high and so deep that all liars, tricksters and pretenders will have to show their true colors and fall by the wayside-time is late and these pretenders true intent is to kill you off or keep you in the bucket with no justice! This is a spiritual thought of faith that deals with the future-what you see now is a sham and a game which is why the Judas sellout promote the melting pot here in America and around the world. You create and build for today and your future and get nothing while your enemies cry poor and live high at your expense. You take actions for your self and kind - you are called a hater and terrorist...your slave masters send you around the world to blow folks up-decimated their lands and cultures in the name of freedom and Independence and liberty on the fourth of July-this is their real religion and not which you profess to believe in as it relates to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Check the record! The other day I came across a weekly newspaper( the Wave). While mass hysteria was being made over the death of Michael Jackson(the entertainer) the wave in its editorial column was stating in glowing terms that the Senate of the united states government had passed a "Resolution Apology" for it's actions and Black slavery in these United States Of America! The passage was unanimous-by mouth ...while nothing was stated about restitution, which would have been a real step in making the slaves and their descendants capable of doing for themselves -without this action one can talk until they are blue in the face and you can turn up the heat in hell...these folk are not free! They will never be without their land and their ability to create, think and do for themselves! This is truth-this is a fact! Anything less, is jail time to the slave master, as you live and die for him and his kind! Not too long ago the Pope of Rome made a similar pronouncement concerning the churches role in the death and rape of the land and peoples of Africa. Today, the apology means nothing as the vested interest of the American and European policies and systems remain in effect today! Aided and abetted by the Judas sellouts across the land! On the Continent, under the common wealth-in thought and action-for the most part-blacks have given in to whites and themselves have become white and will pay a heavy price. Traveling or going on a spiritual journey in truth-you too, will see and learn this. However, in this land under the United States Constitution-a similar process has taken place by those calling themselves, (Color-Negroes assimilated African Americans...teasing themselves and others under the umbrella of (Black). In reality, these folk will never move in concert with prophecy ...with and in Black truth as they are for all assimilated reasons, white Gentiles, Caucasians and white Jews who hate themselves and really want nothing to do with Black. What they really want is his spirit and their satanic efforts to take over (His Spirit- Soul...his God!) In the same section of the wave' newspaper there is another article concerning Representative, John Conyers. You too may check the record and facts on this! His Bill-HR 40 has been up for passage for any number of years. In his committee he received fifteen to twenty million dollars to study the effects of Slavery and it's continued effects upon the people to this very day. In this Democratic system it's all a sham and a low down dirty disgrace- pretense of the highest order! These white color folk and Judas sellouts have no interest in settling the Black debt for their participation in the insanity they heaped on the minds and bodies of black folk-here and across the water. This situation is going to be solved in a way that no nation on earth would believe. These folk don't believe in God and Justice, especially, when it come to the black slaves who built the country and got nothing! If Conyers and all these folk who pretend to be for real...are real, let them stand for truth and real Michael Jackson and the insanity being fed by the media in the name of high drama-love and brotherhood. This man didn't want to be black which is the same as most Negroes and African Americans across this land and he changed before our very eyes white children and stated like many others" there's no difference between black and white! Check the record and dispel the lie! Go deeper and Higher and you too will separate the wheat from the chaff! We are living in interesting and changing times ! Truth and reality appears to give way to the lie and pretense! The Christans say "Amen" To the Zionist Caucasians who are trying to steal the birthright and land of Jacob in the lands of Canaan-these people were never born into those lands and the real Divine prophecy,but through trickeration, the United Nations and international law-they are trying to gain acceptance and the land mass as 'de jure and de facto -saying...Black man-his God and prophecy is a lie! Truth is the people of Palestine don't belong in that area either as they were set up on the coast as a thorn in the side of Israel by Egypt...Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. entered the equation and told the world those people were to be left alone the land was theirs! He and the church said "Amen" to a gigantic sellout...knowing it was a lie! These people are still pushing that lie today-under the banner of the Holocaust! The real Holocaust, has always been in the camp of Black folk, whose life and testament is here in America!...The Muslims came in under the Black umbrella and Elijah Muhammed. He and his followers Stated Reparations was a form of begging- Reparations was not the way! Yet, if we study Divine law and slavery, Reparations is the way and you are never to be set free with nothing!! As the war goes on and the debt continues with interest unpaid you are told slavery happened along time ago this is now and even if you were paid the wealth would never enter your hands but would go into an entity built and owned by the slave master-which means you can't think for your own best interest and kind and you will remain in hell, and the sons will for ever be taught and raised by the woman who hated the black man and gave him up to be used and slaughtered by the world which is why we found out who we were and are as a Black Man King-one with our God as I walked the King's Highway and took the Throne in the East without her help. Today she uses the son to fight the man and the daughters to ridicule the man--suggesting their are no Black men who stand for value and purpose! That we are all the same in this melting pot of confusion and insanity while she has had intercourse with every kind of man on the planet suggesting the black man is nothing. Go into the museum in west Los Angeles, a museum built by Scientology and they will tell you that for the most part those who are talking about African American -Negroes, truly are and want to be white! Ask them about Land -Independence and real freedom and God's Divine intervention in the House of Reuben "Called the one Day War" and they play dumb or claim it never happened,yet the 'white Zionist" know it happened as they persue de jure...and de facto in the name of being a Jew! The Christans buy into this foolishness by pretending to be completely involved in the body of Christ blowing folk up all over the world, claiming truth and righteousness but refuse to recognize the on going debt to the Slaves and their descendants in this nation that claims to be broke. Justice will be one hell of a price to pay as the Wheat separates from the lying pretending chaff!
reuben -seed of Jacob Reuben Beckles 7-5-09