Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Black History Month-Do you Know It's Wisdom And Have The Spirit To Live It"s Truth!

In this blogger I will become somewhat personal and within the spirit of Divine wisdom and truth embrace the picture of the Black slaves in America-across this land who lie and pretend to others and themselves thinking this is our system-our land-therefore-we're free! For sometime now we have made the distinction between the slaves and their descendants in America, who were stripped of everything and built this country with free labor which was never paid for to this very day which is called ( deed not just talk!) Truth is, many of us who have been educated and know this truth delight in playing games. Their comments are: we know it's the truth but they ain't gonna give us nothing! The slaves who went through it are dead. The past is the past let's move forward. Even if we got paid, most wouldn't know what to do with it and where would we go-those on the continent don't want anything to do with us! If we were to get anything let it be in the form of Education and Museums so the world will know this is our home! The talk and foolishness goes on and on!...after the foolishness-lies and pretense-let's get real! Most of this insane talk comes from hypocritical Judas sellouts who have knowledge-degrees and crumbs from the slave masters tables...they have no wisdom! Moreover, many have come here not too long ago from Belize, the Caribbean and Africa and like the Creoles, Mulattoes and Octoroons they feel nothing for the Black man born in this slave pit of hell called America! They walk on the foundation of Free Slave Labor and tell you and I we are lazy-won't work and don't pay taxes! At the same time they study you and I hoping we don't wake up to the insane game they're playing with you and our children. This is the truth-the wisdom of it as they build on you- in the name of you! Study and read the current situation on the land of the Blacks in the country named (Rwanda). Belgium exported some black folk whom they had trained to that nation-the people of that nation embraced them with knowledge and opened arms not understanding the real motive and insanity of those they were embracing until they found out they were on the bottom of their own nation eating dirt! Today, the conspirators are trying to claim a case of genocide because the owners of the land rose up to solve their problem as wisdom kicked in! These were some of the same folk that blocked Marcus Garvey from returning home! A few weeks back a town hall meeting was held in Texas-at Texas Southern University- a Black school. It was hosted by Chris Mathews, of CNN-co-hosted by Tom Joiner of radio fame! After Chris gave his opening remarks he made it clear that things could not continue as they are in this country-that a solution more than just talk must be fourth coming! Tom on the other hand when asked about (Reparations) replied as do most other phonies;( it would be nice but it's not forth coming-what we need is more talk!) When you hear this response -you are listening to males with no balls-who don't believe in prophecy as they stand on the minds and backs of black free slave labor who don't want blacks to be free and grow! They are the problem! Last week it was advertise that a meeting was being held in the African American Museum here in Los Angeles-the topic to be debated (should America pay Reparations to the Slaves and their Descendants) In reality what was being debated was an American Policy! Yours truly attended that meeting. We watched and listened as middle and high school children debated the subject matter. One black child was on the panel-two from Eastern Europe- three Mexican Latinos. As I sat and listened I thought...How strange- other people talk and get involved with real policies for Black with no input from Blacks. Do Blacks want change and solutions for themselves and families or do they just enjoy the game of Religion while not believing in History and Prophecy! The white boy from Eastern Europe wanted Reparations to be paid in the form of Education -Museums -Jobs and Money. Funny, the Latinos took the position, that money would be coming out of their pockets and bank accounts ...slavery was over-money should not be paid-that most Blacks weren't working and were not paying taxes! I listened and thought as they were taking pictures with their Black coach-had they ever looked at the receipt from the grocery store as their parents brought the food they consumed or the taxes they pay as they ride along in their cars-to say nothing about the taxes they pay for the houses they live in. all of this was and is made possible by the servant slaves who made what they take for granted possible...Slaves and their Descendants who were never paid. (Free Labor) now to be paid with compounded interest! We left the meeting but not before passing out my card that they might visit our website-blogger and Youtube...Wisdom and Prophecy is the heart and Soul of our Knowledge In Action...No LIE...NO GAME! (@) Reuben Son of Simeon Seed Of Jacob...2/5/2010 Reuben Beckles