Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Commentary:Resume in Black Truth- Called A Lie

The sorry state of condition across this nation for the African American Negro who is now pretending Black, is because of his state of conciseness, the Rapture and Action taken under Black Power for the benefit of self and kind is not believed and denied right across the board. The end results is chaos, envy and jealousy as the organizations representing the nation state try to duplicate the action and power of the divine God force of the sixties, which culminated in my rapture, The Kings Highway, that we travelled, the door to the promised Lands I found and entered-took the throne- confronted the nations of the world with an ancient scroll of Justice rooted in Prophecy, letting them know that slavery and usury was over relative to the Black Man in America! The action I took in relation to this spiritual knowledge and wisdom was known all over the western world and in the heavens. However, Blacks in this country, considered as slaves were and are a gold mine of profit for the trickers and those who control the Nations of the world. I was working for a Black Newspaper(the Herald Dispatch) to be specific and when I returned from my spiritual journey in behalf of Black I did not know the sellout would be as great as it was-not for Justice, Land- Independence, Reparations in the love of ones self as it relates to divine prophecy- action which reached into the heavens... instead the sellout came through the black woman and the hatred of her self and her love for white and this Caucasian- money- acceptance through integration and the mis- guided conception of the love of Jesus along with what is purported to be the entire human race. This insane foolishness, was orchestrated and motivated by the greed- jealousy and selfishness by Black Judah's in high religious places-politicians and money lenders. When I returned I was arrested, thrown in jail, charged with stupid crimes-stating I was a danger to myself and others because I wouldn't take a bribe, accept their money as pay off-more important I wouldn't accept their woman and sellout my family as my woman had sold me out to the organization suggesting I was no Man(nothing) When you go through something of this nature there must be a Judgement and in my case it was no different...The way it works by the tricksters-"Judge not lest you be judged!" Into court I walked and out of court I walked by the power of Divine intervention as Jacob's seed, Son of Simeon...a free Man! I made the statement that when I returned from my spiritual journey the sellout was great. Not known to the publisher of the Herald Dispatch, I had sent a letter to Washington D.C. stating my demands to the President( Johnson) who responded stated he had received and read the content was forwarding the information to the Justice and State Departments-this was in behalf of Black folk- I gave the information in a seal closed envelope to the publishers wife and asked her to give it to her husband...she said she would. When I returned later that evening to their office they were in a terrible spiritual fight because she suggested that the knowledge was hers and he knew better! I walked out never to return! This was done to kill off the Man suggesting Black Men have done nothing of value allowing the females to raise the son and Blacks would be wiped out never to receive Justice. Knowing integration is not the way. The late President Kennedy, was wiped out because of it while trying to play Lincoln and return this country to the Gold standard. The late Dr. King and the gangsters surrounding him found this truth out to late. Did not God tell Abraham and Sara to remove Hagar and Ishmael from their camp. Isaac wife had to clean up the mess she made between Esau and Jacob-being two different nations in the same womb. Israel had to leave Egypt. When a man and woman can't get along in marriage-they call it incompatibility-they split! They say people make up the human family until God opens your spiritual eye, if you have one and you find many of the people walking around your towns and cities are not human at all-but animals with extended vertebrate. I say this as my commentary, and I am not afraid of truth nor Judgement. Many of the youngsters are being given or sold certain knowledge thinking they are in with the in crowd and they don't need the Man's input concerning truth or they just don't care and think it's all a joke -fun and game-but the land like the door is real wanted by the nations of the world -But Black truth and the rapture is real as I moved up the Gulf of Aqaba, to the port of Ezion-Geber-moved into the lite of the Kings highway-placed there for man to walk...not woman.! I was surrounded by fire on all sides-front back and side with warriors as one another's neck. The farther I walked the more intense the fighting be came until I reached the top and warriors parted on the Highway. As I ascended the top I fell like I was falling from the highest mountain on the planet into deep space and total darkness into the lowest part of the earth. I felt myself being pulled up the Jordan and it's crystal Blue water and through a golden door on a land made for man and woman and none other. This is not a joke and I am not blowing smoke and playing a game. Truth is what it is...freedom must come or everything will be destroyed-Justice is...
Reuben Beckles August 27Th 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Commentary In Black-Hypocracy Of Activist And so-called Black Leaders

This commentary deals with black Folk Action And Truth as it deals with the Black slaves of America! The fact is, the Blacks who sold us out to get us here from the Land of the Blacks better known as the continent of Africa, have no intention to right this wrong and see us come home -they have given much of the riches continent on earth over to the Europeans and other in the name of brotherhood and religion which is why so much hell is visiting their doors and they stand around talking foolishness begging for help to get them out of HIV-AIDS and water pollution as they import guns and ammunition to kill one another. In EUROPE, they are laughed at. In America, they go to the Universities, push brooms as Janitors and wear guns as security guards and look down on the Black man born in America- It never dawns on them and others as they laugh at the blacks born here that if it were not for the work in action done by us and our descendants there would be no United States as the world knows it to be...(The Slaves were never Paid and the Land is not ours! The world sees certain members in this nation on T.V.- on radio and news-print representing themselves as activists and our leaders and they said look at the progress being made as they talk about Immigration, Integration Jobs and money Parity! If we are real and true to ourselves, our history and our God as it relates to prophecy, we know they're trickers and fools getting paid to keep to keep the slave on the plantation of communism while they and their White counter part live Social Capitalism. We are thrown a bone under Democracy to vote for the individual whom they choose to hold the line between the power structure and the slaves and they do one hell of a job! But, they forgot one simple truth-they will not blow smoke up my nose based on a lie and tell me it's truth-I know right from wrong and I know that at the end of the day when the smoke has cleared integration it not freedom- is not Justice. When a Boy becomes a Man and in this case ...the slave-he grows into Spiritual Truth and awareness-he wants -he must have his own house, his own Land! If this is not true, the Buffalo Soldiers would never have been used to help decimate the culture and peoples known as the American Indians and the civil war would never have been fought! When a Black Man by the name of Marcus Garvey Was thrown out of Jamaica for putting down his truth for real freedom why was he forced to flee for his life before he ended up here in America, where his knowledge put him in the forefront of real freedom only to have the Black star Line blocked in the port of Liberia, by the State Department, freed Creoles, Mulattoes and octoroons, who knew they were loosing a gold mine in the value of Black Folk. That mine set has not changed to this very day. Today, we are looking at Immigration and this nation of Laws and the border with Mexico, and the impact they are having on this nation of Free Men -Law and the Black Slaves who are still begging acceptance and integration.. I we are to look at the Law we must turn our attention to the "Treaty Of Guadalupe Hildago" because in that treaty, the Mexican Government, sold the land- water rights and a multitude of other things to the U.S. Government for fifteen Million Dollars in Gold and Silver! This Land was California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas...I believe parts of Colorado. In addition to this sale there was another Treaty, where another (Five-Ten) million dollars was involved. Today, much of the Legal and illegal activities going on is because of this treaty-involving trade -ownership of the Land and dope while the government is trying to make an illegal situation legal while blowing up some folks in the middle east on a promissory note- Slavery and the Interest compounded in the form of Land and Reparations! The secret behind the Slaves being unable to obtain real Justice and freedom lies in the lap of the educational institutions -so-called upper and middle class socialites -religious houses and the Queen Bee insanity-where every one under them are nothing more than drones and when you stand as a Man for this divine truth you will stand alone and if you have a family and do not belong to those secret socialites and organizations hell bent on holding you down in place as a Slave-you will go to jail and your Sons will go into the Armed Service to be all they can be where their spirits will be used to slip into the Lands beyond the fertile crescent. I entered the door in the East and when I asked one of my sons who was in the Navy, why he couldn't-this after I had gotten out of jail-having never been in the armed serves, he said" you can't get in there, they are awake and too strong"! Which let me know, the government had him like many others, on a spy conspiracry journey! This was the same goal as his mother, who stated she was the Queen Of Sheba!...she couldn't enter the land either! Entered The Egyptian Goddess, ISIS, known all over the world -the snake pretending love for the Black Man, but like Delilah, is paid to take his Spirit...she tried through sex and the book of the dead and marriage...she failed in my case -she and her spiritual legends of army followers, ran straight into hell-because of Divine intervention, enabling us to understand that the Jews...Hebrew Israelites and the Land is different! And so it is with the Black Slaves of America, You can't take it -you can't buy it...Justice and the Divine Will- is what it is! The power that be, think this is a game because of the black greedy, Judas sellouts-in truth, they are on the verge of loosing all they have! You don't see the Wind-but you see it's effects- Who's Will-Who's Divine Prophecy be done?

August 23 2007 Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Commentary-Prophecy And Identity Thief

...This commentary is about divine prophecy and the King's Highway that I have travelled while living in this country as a Black man-from the twelfth house of Israel-seed of Jacob-son of Simeon. I am not suppose to know this because it's spiritual and divine and the knowledge has been clothed in religious houses and secret societies in this nation and around the world. Much hatred, jealousy and envy has been created by those whose were and are teachers, educators, nations and even members of the ancient royal houses living within the prophecy of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Many lies and much wealth have been created by Judas and these satanic devils promising the peoples and nations of the world, the land-wealth and birthright of Jacob and his seed. Confusion and chaos abound because of the lies and deceit. Much of this confusion has been caused by the slave trade of the blacks, and in particular those who were sold to this country-those who lost everything and were never paid...creating tremendous wealth in this nation and power for those who control it in this demonic system and why it was made a crime, punishable by death, to teach the spiritually dead to read and write until the books were altered and changed to favor the knowing demons. Today around the world, people-nations and religions claim they know and have the truth of God on their side as they slaughter one another! They shout and holler love and peace...but there is none and prophecy told them there would be none! Folly and scheming trickers abound in the people of Caucasian stock of Europe who call themselves Jews yet were never born in the area Canaan and were never apart of Abraham, Issac and Jacob- the trick was they were taught by Semitic Blacks the knowledge of what is now known as Judaism and then they converted. Even the Kings and Pharaohs of Egypt couldn't cross over into the land of Israel and they created the philistines on Israel coast as a political thorn in their side...this because of envy and jealousy. Ishmael and Esau dominated by jealousy given some of the most riches land in the world known as oil still became envious of Jacob-and their seed is trying to kill his seed and sell his land to the phonies of Europe. They created a mess for the world and themselves. Like Christianity, who would hang you on the cross- burn you or put you in the lions den...the Muslims under Islam said,"submit" or loose your head-arm or leg! This was because they were not able to find the throne of Christ...therefore, they assumed there was no throne! This brings us back the the turmoil of the sixties and this very day within the twenty first century and as I've stated this is my commentary: I have never belonged to any religious body or organization and never wanted to be and didn't know why yet, always felt a part of the slave movement and it's solution. Black folk in this nation are still slaves.! Land and reparations is still the solution! They can postpone the good fight by hiding their heads in the sand by integrating with the nations of the world who are jealous and hate you ...and prophecy or get killed off and die in hell while pretending to love everybody and everything-with nothing! How do I know? Because I've been thrown in jail fighting the spiritual war. Charged with crimes I never committed- walked out without a lawyer! Had my family torn from me, because my wife said I abandoned them and her and put in jail wile she and my twin brother ...she a organizational Black Greek and he a member of the Black Muslims; Islam-known as the great takers who didn't then nor now believe in reparations but thought by using his spirit, her knowledge and spirit, even though I was married to her they could take the promised lands-and their organizations through their religions could come together and claim spiritual victory and absolute the land that Dr. King claimed he saw from the top of the mountain! They committed absolute spiritual folly and failed because I had made my spiritual journey when I walked the Kings Highway...entered the door and the Land-which was my rapture, ending in divine intervention and judgement! Many laughed, said it was nothing...while they took the peanuts, with no reparations-no land as they phonies are saying Black is nothing they are you want the truth or do you serve the devil? The actions taken is real and so is the spirit of truth and the living God! Don't come to me playing games! Reuben Beckles.