Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Stop Living in the Past and move forward-Get over it- Slavery is over and wasn't so bad and move on Black folk!'

 Nonsense and foolishness is pat performance total insanity coming from individuals and groups who have no righteous Spirit or Soul in them.  They could care less for Honor, Truth or Justice.  Righteous value has no meaning and God is a figment of one's imagination and pie in the sky as is Justice with Land Reparations and Restitution rooted in the value of one's  labor.  Genocide and destruction of an entire race.  Blacks, that for the most part the world deems as nothing and have no soul or spirit of value!  Sense blacks are of no value you can put them in chains and shackles, steal their land and birthright-breakup their homes-families...destroy their mind and culture along with their language, then tell them they're free with nothing,  that you, the slave masters are not obligated to give justice to any property owned by them or the state in any court of Law-because you own them and they're not human!  Based on this assumption Black Judas sellouts-Creoles Mulattoes Quadroons Octoroons and even many of the slaves themselves will tell you" Get over it-Slavery is over, move on.   God is Love...we're all Brothers slavery wasn't so bad!  You listen in disbelief as a descendant of the Slaves who were forced in a hellish condition unknown to humanity.  The worst form of Slavery ever created on the  planet located here in America-bar none!   From the loins of  slaves and the Spirit of the living God' you rise in a fury of anger and truth.  You move in action telling the world I will not fight your insane wars-cuddle your women and children-pray for you and your kind to live long prosperous lives while you keep me and mine on the bottom of humanity and despair to sit at your tables smiling 'saying, we never had it so good'! ...while you tear up the world for your democracy.  What you apparently forgot was your submission to the Law of the Divine Creator'' What Goes around comes reap what you have sown!  Justice from Divine Authority is very deep-very high!  You have created weapons of mass destruction that you employ on lands and people without hesitation claiming you do this to protect your interests creating anger, homelessness, starvation, sickness  in many cases...insanity!   Your actions tell us you think you own the world.  Your Empire has grown great into the land and bowels of Ethiopia and Egypt...across the continent and lands of the Blacks,  buying, killing people and resources to fulfill your greed and need to dominate.  Turning the peoples  of these lands against themselves and kind!...promoting 'White Supremacy'  for your Brothers calling themselves Jews of Prophecy and Scriptures  knowing they're impostors who now have you in a world of trouble that you can't escape and the Black Judas sellouts you and these impostors have been paying to keep Blacks on the bottom all over the world can't help you especially the Black slaves of America!  ...Because of Divine Intervention  of a God that most didn't believe was real and others thought was talk representing 'Pie in the Sky!   Your game was so great that even the Spirit of some members of the original land and house of Black Israel-gave in to your Bloodsucking Vampire brothers, giving up their birthright  their God and land  ( nine and a half tribes on the west bank of the Jordan) !  They know it and the world knows it relative to the Slaves in America.!  What does this have to do with 'White Claim to Black Israel birthright and land?'  While you and the world was saying' God was dead!' ...  Divine Intervention took place In the Fire of Watts!  ...action taken by Reuben-Seed of Jacob Son of Simeon.  Action taken and dethroning of ISIS trying to take and destroy the Spirit of Reuben-Failed!  Failure and defeat of Isis and the White Supremacy State of so-called Israel by Reuben in the War of (1968) creating the Aliyah-Rapture   Walking the Kings Highway into the Door of Life from within the 'Nation of Black Slaves of America and the Divine Court of Judgment!...relative to Blacks Land Reparations and Restitution!( Forced Free Slave Labor, a debt owed with compounded interest.  From Chains and shackles to real freedom!  No game No Trick and no lies!  To be for real and up front on the technical side...sense religion degrees of Masons and Shriner's - impostors and free slave labor  is at the root of this nation's foundation and head  how is God dead?  How did Reuben, Seed of Jacob, Son of Simeon from the Land and house of Black Israel move on the Square to the Kings Highway and over come all your degrees in action, not being a part of you?    Make a claim for which the Slave peoples are entitled that should have been made by your Sovereign leaders who claim to have knowledge.  If the Debt is not owed and yours truly didn't do what you know was done, why couldn't or didn't you kill me as a lying phony?  What was Divine Intervention and the  Judgment about?  Let those of you who claim Slavery wasn't so bad and the Slaves and their descendant aren't entitled to the claims made along with the action taken... put your lives and spirit on the line -call your warriors and take the Royal houses and promised lands you claim is yours if you believe we're all the same and I do not... then tell the world and Black Nation "Slavery wasn't so bad.   Black Slaves are not entitled to true Justice!   Black is Beautiful!  Faith Is Awesome and God is!  (C)  5/20/2016    Spirit to Spirit Soul to Soul the truth is in Faith.   Stay well.  Love Self and Kind!   Kings Highway Abraham Isaac and Jacob ...Reuben Seed of Jacob, Sun Of Simeon- Life in Spiritual Cosmic Consciousness.  No Lie No Game and No Trick!                Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hoodo-Voodo-Sovereign demonic Sorcery and Witchcraft claiming power in Secret Societies looking like fools and sissies in the clutches of ISIS and Book of the dead!

The above title is no joke!  The majority of Blacks who came to this land in chains and shackles along with their descendants lost their belief and faith within the walls of religion, giving in, to these demonic thugs and gangsters for sex,  money and acceptance in a system whose foundation was built by them with free slave labor!  Still a debt owed!  Everywhere you go with few exceptions you'll find Blacks on the bottom-killing, fighting, extremely disrespectful towards one another.  The enforcers of this state is manipulated and controlled by Black Judas sellouts here and abroad who delight in doing the bidding of Whites, Creoles, White Supremacy. The actions and activities of Transgender Impostors, calling themselves Jews, give white women and tremendous amounts of money to keep Black Judas Sellouts in a feel good state.   The concept of Black pride-Faith in the Divine Word and belief in action ...unseen,  relative to prophecy was  and is the sustaining factor for Black Slaves in this nation.   The only true protecting Judgment of a people relative to their God!  This concept and knowledge is not believed by the majority of Blacks in this nation  any longer. This is why you can speak truth to the majority, east west north and south as it  pertains to Blacks and get a response of ' What's up?'  Many have come with real knowledge concerning the Law and the end of slavery... yet it endures.  In some cases today there is knowledge  of  real value requiring action in the form of love,  self and kind...Reparations Land and Restitution  seemingly falling on deaf ears.  Their God has become this demonic System of Death and devalued Money!  This is also true of Blacks coming into this land from around the world stating ..".they love America-slavery for the Blacks who were sold to the Europeans and displaced to these shores in chains and shackles, stripped of all human value including, loss of language-family-land culture-along with the ability to think and do for self wasn't so bad." Their problem is, 'we are now, our own worst enemy!'   ...This nonsense they talk until they find we're not asleep and come down on their asses with a Vengeance telling them about themselves...then ask them, what's their purpose for coming here as educated pimps and fools?  Now they don't want anything to do with Blacks-thinking they're white, have it made, protecting white folk interests having given up their land and value for a White Male or Female on their arm in love with brotherhood!  How ignorance and dumb can you be working as a security guard or what ever in this Slave State pushing your own death and generations to follow!  No wonder you're being looked down on here and on the land you gave up for a job  looking down your noses at the Blacks you sold out  wondering how we survived the hell you put us through as  builders of the foundation on which you now stand claiming something you're not entitled too!   Hoodo and Voodo  is out of order...won't work and ISIS  is dead! Money and deception...Donald Trump and the rest of the Political Schemers (Black Judas sellouts-Lawyers Educators and Religious Pimps are off base and can't save the day on this one!  Take that to the bank.  From the 'Kings Highway and the Door of Life In Black Israel, whom you sold out and Hate!  Oops...where do you go from here?  Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God Is Real and you gave that up for the land of the Slaves whom you thought was dead and (funny money) your god!  (C) 5/17/2016   By and in the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob!   Reuben      Seed Of Jacob   Sun Son Of Simeon!  Action-Belief-Faith unseen!   Stay Well, Black Is Beautiful In Israel...East of the Jordan- Not for Sale at any price and War will get you destroyed!  Love self and Kind  (Reparation Restitution Land!    No Trick No Game  and No Lies!                        Reuben Beckles