Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

In time time of Black History and the Celebration of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Greed -Fraud and Identity Theft are the order of the Day Known too knowledgeble Black Leaders-Judas Sellouts!

My action  and deeds is to fight the just cause of freedom and justice for the Black Slaves of America and their descendants giving you truth and action upon which to obtain this reality as it is rooted in and of Divine Law...all other Laws -statues and ordinances are subordinate to this truth-this reality!  If you watch and listen closely you'll find them in coded words since they and the government are in deep trouble relative to the real issue of the day-the cover up and perpetuation of Slavery in America!!  Diatribe-Immigration-Gun Control-Niggards-Civil Rights and Our Country as American Citizens!  Let's look at the truth-the Black folk and their History in this country, a people unlike any others on the face of the global living in perpetual denial-from colored -negro-Afro African American to Black all while over looking their most important truth-slavery is the root of our being in America-all peoples have a foundation-this is ours 'Lest We Forget"! as we past the the real legacy on to our children and they asked the real question of  where are we going and what's the real solution to our dilemma in this insane melting pot?  Truth is the answers are not rooted in the jobs we seek or have-or the money we earn-not even in the Schools or Churches and religious houses we attend but in the Actions we suffered and the Law! a people who speak one language!  The answers lay with the so-called elected representatives who know Law but follow the money and make Laws to give you slave jobs and crumbs for the benefit of the slave masters!-What Laws are we talking about? We are talking about Federal Constitutional Laws in the realm of Civil Rights and the Amendments that flows from their actions to gloss over their demonic actions. These amendments are( First-Fifth-Thirteenth-Fourteenth-and Twenty-sixth amendments-which are not only based on the Constitution but English common law!  The problem is how the Power Brokers-Slave Masters and Black Judas sellout whom they claim to represent perceived and look at Black folk.  They see Black folk as a class-a group of ignorant children whom they intend to destroy and would have done so if their factious state had been successful relative to the "ONE DAY WAR" of 1968.and God's intervention in the affairs of Reuben-Jacob's seed and the twelfth House of Israel preventing Discovery -under nine-tenths of the law and eminent  domain and the demonic republic they serve!  We must never forget how we arrived here and why it was made a crime punishable by death if we were taught to read and write among other disciplines .   This was enforced for over two hundred years! Also we must never forget how we came to these shores...stripped from the land and culture-families! Put in animal like conditions and sold like cattle in chains and shackles-worked and received nothing because they saw us then and see us now as property.  The reason for no Justice lay directly on the shoulders of the Judas sellout who maintain this condition under Civil Rights Law and the Constitution!  Think about this as you ponder what these leaders call (Diatribe ) . Where are the treaties signed by the enslaved people who built the foundation of these United States, putting themselves and kind into perpetual slavery? they were told they were free in the wilderness of  North America ?  Certain Black folk were claiming citizenship to certain Native American tribes along with various Latinos people,now find themselves in a dilemma finding these folk want nothing to do with them which is the same as white America, while at the same time trying to claim their Spiritual Birthright-Black folk in the main don,t understand this move because they thought they were brothers in the melting pot.  Black folk must check the status of these various peoples and what you'll find is these folk operate under the Law and the Treaties their leaders  signed with the United States, government.  What Laws do you follow as  a people and what Treaties did you sign?  Check the record...native American Indians signed treaties with the U.S. Government and they follow the Law! Even though the Mexicans during the Spanish American war sold certain land out for Twenty to fifty Million Dollars in Gold and silver certain agreements were made in that Treaty protecting the rights of Mexican American  Citizens, which accounts for their movement en mass,especially in California and across this nation. These moves these folk are making tells you they're moving under Spanish Law-Mexican Law English Common Law which is tied to Rome while Black folk wander in ignorance with no treaty and Land which is up for grabs on their continent but they dis-own choosing instead Civil Rights as Justice and no foundation-Hoping Blacks will remain Slaves taking the heat for all peoples with unconditional love for all while they roll in the mud with nothing as prodigal sons and daughters with educations and no ability to create their own needs across the board- ,,,Law=Restitution-Land and Reparations...If this be diatribe-so be it -Reuben-Son Of Simeon-Seed Of Jacob (C) Jan 20/2013                       Reuben Beckles


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